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Golden Summit

Introduction: Introduction The highest part of Emei Shan is the 3077-m-high Golden Summit, also called Qian..

Tickets:Golden summit fee and opening hourTicket : unknownOpening hour: unknown

Travel Tips:Tips The Duguan Tai and Shesheng cliff are ideal places to view the sunrise, the sea of cloud..

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Golden Summit Introduction

The highest part of Emei Shan is the 3077-m-high Golden Summit, also called Qianfo Ding, Thousand Buddha Peak. It is about a two-hour's walk from Elephant Pool and is surrounded by countless peaks. In the east, the glistening waters of the Qingyi, Minjiang and Dadu rivers can be seen.
It was constructed during the Eastern Han Dynasty and has been rebuiltseveral times after being struck by lightning. The Golden Summit is anideal place to view the sunrise, the sea of clouds, the "Buddhistlights" and sacred lamps."
It is comfortable in Emei Mountain area. The annual average temperature is 17.2℃. The rainy season falls from April to October. It is best to travel here in spring and autumn and you should not be here in rainy days. During the period from December to March, whenever there is clear sky with calm wind, after two or three o'clock in the afternoon, bending over and looking downward from the Sheshen Rock of the Golden Summit, sometimes you will find a five-colored corona floating above the clouds and your figure placed in the corona, which follows the body and never miss it. No matter how many people there are, you can o­nly see your own figure.

Golden Summit Features

Golden Summit gets its name from a bronze house which was there. The weather here is cold in all year round but its natural scenery is wonderful. The four great spectacles of Golden Summit and also of Mt. Emei are sunrise, clouds sea, Buddha rays and saint lamps. They are the essence of the beauty and mysterious charm of the Mt. Emei. In the following paragraphs detailed descriptions of the four great spectacles will be given.
The special feature of the Golden Peak is 'Buddhist Halo', a natual phenomenon that can be observed several times a month and almost daily in October and November. O­n the top of the mountain, a circle of violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red lights may be observed in the clouds, and you may feel as if you were caught in the circle, which moves with your shadow. This is the famed "precious Emei lights" or "Buddha's halo".
In the afternoon, the sunbeams break through the cloud cover and build a rainbow in the shape of a closed circle. Whoever looks down from Sheshen Cliff can see his own shadow in the middle of the rainbow. At ancient time, many a Buddhist pilgrim who saw his shadow in this circle of light falsely interpreted it as his having achieved illumination and sprang into the abyss. But now, the o­ne who sees such miraculous scene would be considered as a lucky guy and envied by many people.

Golden Summit Tickets

Golden summit fee and opening hour
Ticket : unknown
Opening hour: unknown

Golden Summit Transporation

Golden summit cable car (Jieying hall –Golden summit): Up: 40 yuan per, Down: 30 yuan per person; Up and down: 70 yuan per person

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