Qingyin Pavilion

Qingyin Pavilion

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Qingyin Pavilion

Introduction: Introduction Qingyin Pavilion is in the middle part of Mt. Emei. It is no exaggeration to say..

Tickets:Qingyin pavilion fee and opening hour Ticket : unknownOpening hour: unknown

Travel Tips:Tips You can eat vegetarian foods in the temple, the breakfast is 7:00—7:30, the lanch is ..

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Qingyin Pavilion Introduction

Qingyin Pavilion is in the middle part of Mt. Emei. It is no exaggeration to say that the whole area of the pavilion is a fine picture with green hills and blue water. Named the Pure Sound Pavillin because of the sound effects produced by rapid waters cousing around rock formations in the area, the temple itself is built o­n an outcrop in the middle of a fast-flowing stream. There are small pavillions from which to observe the waterworks and appreciate the natural music.
There are several small pavilions from which to observe the waterworks and appreciate the natural music. It's possible to swim here although the water is o­nly likely to be warm enough during the summer months.
It is comfortable in Emei Mountain area. The annual average temperature is 17.2℃. The rainy season falls from April to October. It is best to travel here in spring and autumn and you should not be here in rainy days. During the period from December to March, whenever there is clear sky with calm wind, after two or three o'clock in the afternoon, bending over and looking downward from the Sheshen Rock of the Golden Summit, sometimes you will find a five-colored corona floating above the clouds and your figure placed in the corona, which follows the body and never miss it. No matter how many people there are, you can o­nly see your own figure.

Qingyin Pavilion Features

At its high point there are towering exquisite and refined pavilions. Two gloriettes stand in the middle of the region of Qingyin Pavilion. There is o­ne stone bridge crossing o­n the Black Dragon River (The color of the water is dark green.) and the White Dragon River (The color of the water is ivory.) o­n each side of the gloriette. The two bridges are like a pair of wings, so a beautiful name was given to them: Double Flying Bridges. In the lower point, you can see the Black Dragon River o­n the right of the Cattle Heart Pavilion and White Dragon River o­n its left.
The billowing waves strike the huge stone in the green pond giving out the roaring sound time and again and echoing around the surrounding valleys and woods. The water splashing in all directions like broken pieces of crystal pearls and jade and forms a series of water drops flying in the air and then drop into the pond. How amazing it is! In the night with full moon and soft wind, all is quiet and there is o­nly the melodious sound of water resounding in the air. Listening to the clear sound, your heart will be in a state of quietness and you will forget the existence of yourself, as if you had introjected with the nature and hovered in the universe.

Qingyin Pavilion Tickets

Qingyin pavilion fee and opening hour
Ticket : unknown
Opening hour: unknown

Qingyin Pavilion Transporation

It takes you half an hour to walk from Wuxiangang parking to Qingyin pavilion.
Tel: 0833—5099045

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