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Wannian Temple

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Wannian Temple

Introduction: Introduction Wannian temple is o­ne of eight important temples in Emei mountain, it is ab..

Tickets:Wannian temple fee and opening hour Ticket : 10 yuan, Tel: 0833-5090053Opening hour: un

Travel Tips:Tips You can eat vegetarian foods in the temple, the breakfast is 7:00—7:30, the lanch is ..

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Wannian Temple Introduction

Wannian temple is o­ne of eight important temples in Emei mountain, it is about 15 km from Baoguo temple. The Temple of Samantabhadra as it was known beforethe Ming Dynasty, was built during the reign of Emperor Long'an of theEastern Jin Dynasty (397-401). It has no beams and houses a bronzestatue of Buddha Samantabhadra mounted o­n a six-toothed white elephantcast in 980, the fifth year of the Northern Song Dynasty.
The distribution of buildings in the temple is very exquisite, the whole temple faces the east, the main buildings are Hill gate, Mile hall, Zhuang Hall, Emei hall, Daxiong Hall.
It is comfortable in Emei Mountain area. The annual average temperature is 17.2℃. The rainy season falls from April to October. It is best to travel here in spring and autumn and you should not be here in rainy days. During the period from December to March, whenever there is clear sky with calm wind, after two or three o'clock in the afternoon, bending over and looking downward from the Sheshen Rock of the Golden Summit, sometimes you will find a five-colored corona floating above the clouds and your figure placed in the corona, which follows the body and never miss it. No matter how many people there are, you can o­nly see your own figure.

Wannian Temple Features

White water autumn wind : In autumn there is heat of summer at the foot of the Mt. Emei even though snow has fallen o­n the top, but it is the best season to visit the Wannian Temple. Here red leaves are reflected in the water and when a breeze comes the leaves dance in the pond forming red waves glistening in the sunlight. So thrilling! Also in the Wannian Temple scenic region, there are mountain villages creating a peaceful and intoxicating picture.
Looking around beside the White Water Pond, the wind touches the mountains, wobbling the trees making a howling sound; red leaves have a dance to the wind in the air; the ripply stream water goes rightly through the temple and is crooning and echoing the wind.
Legend : It's dedicated to the man o­n the white elephant, the Bodhisattva Puxian, who is the protector of the mountain. This 8.5 m-high statue is dated from AD 980, cast in copper and bronze and weighs an estimated 62,000 kg. If you can manage to rub the elephant's back, good luck will be cast upon you. The statue is housed in Brick Hall, a domed building with small stupas o­n it. When the temple was damaged by fire in 1945, Brick Hall was the o­nly building left unharmed. There is also a graveyard to the rear of the temple.

Wannian Temple Tickets

Wannian temple fee and opening hour
Ticket : 10 yuan, Tel: 0833-5090053
Opening hour: unknown

Wannian Temple Transporation

Walk: Wannian temple is about 2 km away from Qingyin pavilion;
Tour bus: the fare from Baoguo temple to Wannian temple is 11 yuan per person; the ticket from Wuxiangang parking to Wannian temple is 10 yuan per person.
Drive : you can drive to Wannian temple parking, and then go to Wannian temple by cable car. 40 yuan is for up and 30 is for down.
Children between 110 cm and 140 cm, the physically challenged, the old above 60 can buy 50% discounted ticket.

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