Chenresig, Jampelyang, Chanadorje

Chenresig, Jampelyang, Chanadorje

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Chenresig, Jampelyang, Chanadorje

Introduction: IntroductionYading Scenic Spot stretches over thousands of square kilometers, the main body is ..

Tickets:Chenresig, Jampelyang, Chanadorje Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: 20 yuanOpening hours:  ..

Travel Tips:Tips1. The altitude of Daocheng-Yading is quite high, its not suitable for people who have the..

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Chenresig, Jampelyang, Chanadorje Introduction

Yading Scenic Spot stretches over thousands of square kilometers, the main body is separated by three mountains, but they are not far away from each other, the three snow peaks forms the shape of “品”. The north Xiannai Peak is 6032 meters in altitude, the south peak Yangmaiyong is 5958 meters in altitude, the east peak Xianuoduoji is 5958 meters high. The three snow peaks are white and high, like swords piercing the sky. Xiannai is like a big Buddha, sitting in the lotus seats proundly, Yangmai is like a maiden, gentle and quiet, Xianuoduoji is like a lad, grand, strong and energetic. There are over 30 peaks around the three snow peaks, they are various in shape. In front of the peaks, there are green jade-like lakes and grassland. Original forest is located under the peaks. Snow peak, steep cliff, lake, glacier, grassland, forest, brooks, together they create a quiet and composed fairyland.

Chenresig, Jampelyang, Chanadorje Features

Chenresig, Jampelyang, Chanadorje are three sacred mountains. All together, they were ranked as the eleventh most sacred mountains in Tibetan Buddhism. "The three peaks were blessed in the 8th century, when Buddha Padmasambhava shed his divine light o­n the range, and named the three elevations after three bodhisattvas. The 5,958-meter-high southern peak, Jambeyang (or Yangmaiyong in Mandarin), represents Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, while the eastern peak Chanadorje (Xiaruoduoji), of the same height, stands for Vajrapani, the Bodhisattva of Wrath. As the tallest of the soaring trio, the 6,032-meter-high north peak, Shenrezig (Xiannairi), represents Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion and the patron-saint of Tibet. "

Chenresig, Jampelyang, Chanadorje Tickets

Chenresig, Jampelyang, Chanadorje Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: 20 yuan
Opening hours:  no information

Chenresig, Jampelyang, Chanadorje Transporation

Start from Daocheng to Yading scenic area, then rent a horse to Chonggu Temple.

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