Penglai 10 places of interest

Penglai 10 places of interest

Penglai 10 places of interest Pictures Gallery

Penglai 10 places of interest

Introduction: Introduction:Penglai 10 places of interest, very famous through centuries, magic, and well-kno..

Tickets:Fee and Opening Hour:Admission Fee: unkownOpening hours: spring, winter: 8:00-17:00;summer..

Travel Tips:Tips: 1.Choose the gifts carefully, especially seafood. Look at the Seashell and crab egg car..

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Penglai 10 places of interest Introduction

Penglai 10 places of interest, very famous through centuries, magic, and well-known to the whole world. Xian’ge air: Penglai’ge is o­n the top of the cliff, and below is steep cliff. The cliff is   hung upside down above the green lake. When the cloud is around, it seems as in the sky. It appears to be the god’s palace. When visitors are in it, they feel the cloud and smoke floating around and there is no earth but sky. In a word, it’s tremendously beautiful sight. Mirage: At the turn of spring and summer, as the sea is calm, you can see mountains and ships or visible city pavilions from the North Sea side of Penglai occasionally, very illusory and changeable. This phenomenon can be called mirage,even wonders. Yu Liang Song of fishing: Walk towards the west side along the Penglai Pavilion beach, you can see reef, named as Yuliang. The lake is deep enough and wave calm enough, thus ,it’s a good place for fishing.Sometimes several elders fish here, and they get enjoyment, even happy to sing. The comfortable scenary is called Yu Liang Song of fishing.
Penglai is the resorts for summer holidays and tourism, and every year July, August and September is the best tourism season.

Penglai 10 places of interest Features

Penglai Pavilion belongs to the southern edge of North subtropical monsoon oceanic climate, and it’s not hot in summer and not cold in winter. It has a pleasant climate in every season. Tourism attractions is as much as the length and breadth. It has delicious seafood, and simple folk customs, the residents in the island are very famous for their frankness and hospitality.

Penglai 10 places of interest Tickets

Fee and Opening Hour:
Admission Fee: unkown
Opening hours: spring, winter: 8:00-17:00;summer, autumn: 8:00-18:00

Penglai 10 places of interest Transporation

Penglai Pavilion is 76 Km from the Yantai city, and the trffic is very convenient.

The Best Hotels in Penglai 10 places of interest

  • Meganeon Seaview Hotel

    Meganeon Seaview Hotel

    Preparatory Four-star Penglai Price:-

    The Meganeon Sea View Hotel (Penglai Maijiali'ang Haijing Jiudian) is located on Shanghai Road in Penglai's Economic Development Zone and is within easy reach of highways. The hotel can b..

  • Ruyi Commercial Affairs Hotel

    Ruyi Commercial Affairs Hotel

    Two-star or Less Penglai Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

  • Penglai Yongpenghaitian Hotel

    Penglai Yongpenghaitian Hotel

    Preparatory Three-star Penglai Price:-

    With the vast sea and Baxiandu Scenic Area right outside, the Penglai Yongpenghaitian Hotel (Penglai Yongpenghaitian Jiudian) is only 3 kilometers from the downtown area. With a 50-minut..

  • Penglai Pavilion Hotel
  • Penglai Bohai Hotel

    Penglai Bohai Hotel

    Three-star Penglai Price:-

    The Penglai Bohai Hotel (Penglai Bohai Dajiudian) is located close to the popular and beautiful Penglai Pavillion (Penglai Ge).This Penglai hotel offers a wide variety of room types. Dini..

Penglai 10 places of interest Hotels

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