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Introduction: Introduction Li Ancient Town (Lizhuang) is 19km down-stream of Yangtze River from Yibin, the ..

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Li Ancient Town Introduction

Li Ancient Town (Lizhuang) is 19km down-stream of Yangtze River from Yibin, the town was official built in 540 AC. The name of Lizhuang was a big stone in the town site in the ancient. In this small town, more than half of the houses, temples and streets were built in Min and Qing dynasty (for 100-300 years), total 18 ancient alleys are well preserved. In WW2, to get rid of the Japanese bombing, many famous Chinese universities and institute came to here, even including Gugong Museum (Antiques from Beijing Forbidden City) and Tongji University.
Lizhuang has a history dating back more than 1,000 years. Its streets and lanes retain the layout and original construction style of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911). The streets and lanes have kept their old names, such as Scholar, Well, Sheep and Mat streets. With their width ranging from 2 to 6 metres, they are mainly paved with green slab stones. All the ancient houses along them are made of wood and orderly arrayed. In the Well Street, local residents still use the two wells dug some 100 years ago.
Yibin mainly belongs to subtropical humid monsoon climate. Heat is plentiful. Non-frost period is 347 days. The annual average air temperature is 17.9℃. The best travel seasons are from June to October.

Li Ancient Town Features

Lizhuang Village owns abundant historical and cultural relics, such as the nine palaces and eighteen temples, the Anti-Japanese War relics, the former residence of famous people, big houses with gardens and so o­n. Its main ancient architecture and lanes include: Ancient architecture: Zhang’s Ancestral Hall, Dongyue Palace, Zushi Quadrangle, Huiguang Quadrangle, Nanhua Pavilion, Tianshang Guild Hall, Xuanluo Pavilion, Kuixing Building, the old site of China’s Construction Study Group, Lifeng Residence and so o­n.
Ancient lanes: Strawmat Lane, Sheep Lane, Old Market Lane, Shiyan Lane, Maliu Lane.
Yuwang Temple:
In the Yuwang Temple, there is a stone carving of nine dragons playing with a pearl. With a length of 2 metres, a height of about 1.5 metres, a width of about 1 metre and a weight of more than 1 ton, the right triangle stone relief bears a strong resemblance to that of the Palace Museum in Beijing. The relief is nearly 200 years old, and is seldom seen in other temples.
Ancestral Hall of The Zhang Family:
On the 50 window bars of the main hall of the 200-year-old Ancestral Hall of the Zhang Family are 100 carved red-crowned cranes. There are two cranes o­n each window bar. Around the cranes are hollowed-out clouds. The 100 cranes have 100 different postures and there are no repetitions. They are either spreading their wings, or flying, or looking for food near brooks or embracing each other with their necks.
Home of scholars
In addition to its ancient structures, Lizhuang is known for the influx of famous research institutions and institutions of higher learning during the War of Resistance against Japan (1937-45). These include the Central Research Institute, Central Museum and Tongji University.
The town also attracted famous scholars, such as Liang Sicheng and his wife Lin Huiyin, experts in architecture. During their six-year stay in Lizhuang, Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin visited most of the ancient structures in Sichuan. With Lin's help, Liang compiled the "Chinese History of Construction," the first book of its kind in the country. The former residence of the couple, who highly praised many ancient structures in Lizhuang, can be found in the town.

Li Ancient Town Tickets

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Li Ancient Town Transporation

You can go to Lizhuang by bus at Yibin South passenger bus station.

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