Longhua ancient town

Longhua ancient town

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Longhua ancient town

Introduction: Introduction Longhua ancient town was built in Song dynasty, and the existing scale had been f..

Tickets:Longhua ancient town fee and opening hour Ticket : 30yuanOpening hour: unknown

Travel Tips:Tips The characteristic snacks are Yeyeba, Bean jelly, cool cake, these foods are all deliciou..

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Longhua ancient town Introduction

Longhua ancient town was built in Song dynasty, and the existing scale had been formed in Ming and Qing dynasty, it is an important qurrison ancient town.
With an area of less than o­ne square km, there are ancient buildings to be seen: palaces and temples in classical styles, raditional courtyards with houses o­n four sides, and narrow streets paved with blue stones. In the past, the townsfolk revered the quality of virtue and advocated high moral principles. There are many famous scenic spots: Yuwang palace, Anlangqinghong bridge, Longhua temple etc.
Yibin mainly belongs to subtropical humid monsoon climate. Heat is plentiful. Non-frost period is 347 days. The annual average air temperature is 17.9℃. The best travel seasons are from May to September.

Longhua ancient town Features

This is an ancient town nestling under a mountain and near a river, it has the Baxian mountain giant Buddha which is the biggist standing buddha. The people in the ancient town live a calm and simple life.
There are over 30,000 cyathea sponulosa which is the o­ne-level national protection plant along the Xisha stream and the wonderful Danxia landform in the Dayu village.
The most amazing is the antique flavour cool bridge over the Small dragon stream , the bridge  was named Jinghong bridge in ancient time . it is said that, Longhua is besieged by two bridges and o­ne stream. This beautiful and elegant ancient cool bridge is a place of leisure for the local people. The wind blows gently o­n the bridge , and the water runs slowly under the bridge, and along the stream is the flourish old trees, the children play in the stream, enjoys their childhood pleasure. The aldults eat the cool cakes o­n the bridge, and have a happy chat , these form a fresh and interesting village picture.

Longhua ancient town Tickets

Longhua ancient town fee and opening hour
Ticket : 30yuan
Opening hour: unknown

Longhua ancient town Transporation

You can take a bus from Yibin bus station to Pingshan, and then go to Longhua by bus. The fare is about 8 yuan.

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