Folai mountain

Folai mountain

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Folai mountain

Introduction: Introduction Within the border of Kaifo Village, eight kilometers to the Changning County, Mt...

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Folai mountain Introduction

Within the border of Kaifo Village, eight kilometers to the Changning County, Mt. Folai was called Small Emei because it is said that Mt. Folai and Mt. Emei are “sisters”.
Visitors can see flowers and taste fruits all year around and it is therefore dubbed Mt. Flowers and Fruits. Ginkgoes over ten thousand years old o­n top of the mountain and Folin Three Spring are like the wonderland of the earth and have seen the ebb and flow of Buddhism in Mt. Folai.
As a place of interest, it has four main scenic spots, including Stone Swallow, Folin Three Spring, Shuikou Scenic Spot, Foding Scenic Spot and etc.
Summer here is cool while winter is warm. The annual average air temperature is from 13℃ to 19℃. Gentle breeze or force three or four. The air is fresh. Rush seasons go from March to October while low seasons from May to August.Pear Blossom Festival is held in March and visitor can see a vast sea of pear blossom. So the best travel season to visit Mt. Folai is March.

Folai mountain Features

It is said that, visitors can admire flowers as beautiful as snow in spring, sweet fruits in summer, old forests in autumn and snowy scenery in winter in the Mt. Folai .
On top of the west of the mountain lies Mingtan Temple which was built in Tang Dynasty. It received thousands of tourists every year.
“Sunny spring white snow”:In the mountain is the famous sweet pear base where about ten thousand pear trees are over o­ne hundred years old. In addition, these old pear trees is different from others young pear trees , because its leaves and flowers is not growing at the same time. Pear flowers grow first, then leaves grow. So the the silver pear flower opens o­n the old branch ,you can admire pear flowers as beautiful as now in spring.
Buddha light o­n the top of the Buddha: in the north of the Buddha’s top is the sheer cliffs: Chengyao rock, Xiangbizui,which is over 400m from the foot of the mountain, they are extremely precipitous. It is said that we can see the scene of Buddha light in rain season in June. In fact , it does not need to wait the rain season, as long as the there are clouds and mist in the cliffs under the sunniness, you also may admire the wonderful Buddha light.

Folai mountain Tickets

Folai mountain  fee and opening hour
Ticket : unknown
Opening hour: unknown

Folai mountain Transporation

visitors can take shuttle buses form Yibin South Bus Station to Jiang’an and get off at the Kaifo Village. The fare is about ¥12. Then visitors can take special buses to the scenic spot.

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