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Junlian karst

Introduction: Introduction Situated in Junlian county, its total area is 130 square kilometers. It is a prov..

Tickets:Junlian karst fee and opening hour Ticket : 40 yuanOpening hour: unknown

Travel Tips:Tips 1.The elevation in the plateau area of the northwest of Sichuan is high, so the temperat..

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Junlian karst Introduction

Situated in Junlian county, its total area is 130 square kilometers. It is a provincial Karst scenic area. The golden dam xunsi hot spring, the Haiyinchao spring , and the underground terrace of fairy cave are called “Junlian sanjue”. The major spots are Limestone Peaks, Case Cave, Mandarin Ducks Cave, Fariy Cave, Mujin Hot Spring and Intermittent Spring etc.
With an average annul temperature of 17℃and a total precipitation of 1000mm, Yibin has four clearly demarcated seasons. Spring comes early, summer is much humid, autumn has a lot of rain, and winter is with a little frost or snow. The average frost-free period lasts 340 days. Yibin is a city that features the southern subtropical climate.. Heat is plentiful. Non-frost period is 347 days. The annual average air temperature is 17.9℃. The best travel seasons are from May to September.

Junlian karst Features

Limestone peaks: Mainly distributed in the area of Gulouba and Xunsi Town 50 square kilometers, with low mountains and V-shaped valleys o­n the upper reach of Xunsi. And o­n the moddle reach, there are mountains and low-lying lands. Mountains stand tens of meters to hundreds of meters high. The low-laying land is vast especially true of Gulouba, which covers about 4 square kilometers as the typical model of low-laying karst land in southern Sichuan province. Case Cave and Mandarin Ducks Cave are in the southeast of Gulouba.
    Fairy Cave: In the township of Tengda, there is a little brook flowing all the year round. In summer, there is a stream o­n the top of the cave, falling down at the mouth of the cave forming a water curtain.
    Mujing Hot Spring:  The hot spring lies in Huaangjinba o­n the bank of Xunsi River, 12 km away from Xunsi town. The hot spring flows rapidly and its temperature ranges from 52℃_56℃ and the daily volume is 3456 cubic meters. The chemical composition of the spring is sodium chloride. It is the hottest and largest spring in Sichuan basin.
    Intermittent Spring: It is an underground river in Chengjia Valley of Haiyuan Township. It is so named because of he karst cave which causes the tidal wave. The river originates from Dingyangba which is 5 km away. The daily volume is 0.2 cubic meter per second to 0.5 cubic meter per second. Generally it gushes out four times a day. When it is spring up, the largest volume can be 3 cubic meters per second. Water surges in the stream flowing to the lower reaches. People from 3-5 km away can see the rising and falling, which lasts 45-55 minutes each time, and repeat 3 times a day.
    Case Cave: It’s 25 meters high, 185 meters long and more than 10 meters wide. There is no brook in the cave and the landscapes are well prepared.
Mandarin Ducks Cave: It is close to the Case Cave. It is 125 meters deep with the shape of a bag. It has great value of development.

Junlian karst Tickets

Junlian karst fee and opening hour
Ticket : 40 yuan
Opening hour: unknown

Junlian karst Transporation

It is located in Junlian county which is 96km away from Yibin, there are buses to Junlian county during 5:30—19:30 everyday at Yibin west gate bus station. Or you can go there by bus from Chengdu, it takes you 10 hours.
After arriving at Junlian county, you can go there by the local traffic tools.

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