Residence of Mt. Xiia

Residence of Mt. Xiia

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Residence of Mt. Xiia

Introduction: Introduction Residence of Mt. Xijia is located in the village of Baishang, 20 kilometers to th..

Tickets:Residence of Mt. Xiia fee and opening hour Ticket : 30yuanOpening hour: unknown

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Residence of Mt. Xiia Introduction

Residence of Mt. Xijia is located in the village of Baishang, 20 kilometers to the southeast of Jiang’an County. It is o­ne of the most well-preserved old residential complexes in China.
Built in 161A.D, it takes an area of 680,000 square meters and a building area of over 10,000 square meters. It is a woody structure and the number of houses top 123. From Qing dynasty (1644-1661) o­nwards, it has been continuously enlarged until the present, now this garden like site covers 10,000 square meters among which building area is 5146 square meters and encompasses 108 buildings. Together, they constitute a typical Chinese Qing dynasty style villa. All buildings are decorated in great detail in the traditional Chinese style. Throughout the gardens trees have been left to grow for hundreds years. Thousands aigrettes flock to this little forest every spring to nest. Now, local government has set up the folk-custom museum in the halls of these folk houses, showing a series of folk customs in Sichuang Province in history.
Yibin mainly belongs to subtropical humid monsoon climate. Heat is plentiful. Non-frost period is 347 days. The annual average air temperature is 17.9℃. The best travel seasons are from June to October.

Residence of Mt. Xiia Features

It is said that a wealthy man living in the days of the Ming dynasty named Huang founded it.
Residence of Mt. Xijia is of great value to the study of folk architectural history. Residence of Mt. Xijia is called China’s folk architectural,Fossil or the essence of China’s folk architecture. Around the residence plant about o­ne hundred phoebe nanmu. Nearly ten thousand herons inhabit there. It is worthy visiting.
It is a famous film base, in recent years, many films are shot in the residence of the Xijia mountain, such as Zhongguoyijue, Shaershizhang, Dongzhuojun, Butterfly Snow etc.
The whole complex is a courtyard house with the entrance, the main hall and back hall standing at the axle line. o­n the two sides of the axle line are small rooms in order. Therefore the complex looks like a crane ready to fly sits o­n a vase, meaning peace. In the east, locations of houses and a well combine perfectly. Besides, around the residence is the pool, back garden, west garden, and east garden. In all, the structure of the complex is in order, preserving the folk architectural style of Song and Ming dynasty.

Residence of Mt. Xiia Tickets

Residence of Mt. Xiia fee and opening hour
Ticket : 30yuan
Opening hour: unknown

Residence of Mt. Xiia Transporation

visitors can take automobiles or ships from Yibin to Jing’an County off the Yangtze River, and then take buses to the destination. It takes about 40 minutes’ drive from Jiang’an County to Mt. Xijia.

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