Xichang Satellite Launch Centre

Xichang Satellite Launch Centre

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Xichang Satellite Launch Centre

Introduction: IntroductionFounded o­n 1970 and affiliated with the General Reserve Department of PLA., X..

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Xichang Satellite Launch Centre Introduction

Founded o­n 1970 and affiliated with the General Reserve Department of PLA., Xichang Satellite Launch Center mainly takes responsibility for launching the geostationary orbit satellite. What’s more, it functions in communication, broadcasting and launching test and application of meteorological satellite. The new type Xichang Satellite Launch Center, characterized in the largest open degree and most advanced technologies, has placed various satellites in orbit
Equipped with systems of launching test, Command and Control Center, spacecraft tracking, communication, weather forecasting, technical service etc, Xichang can launch different types of internal and external satellites. As o­ne of the three top Satellite Launch Center in China, Xichang is well-known for its good service and excellent facilities, which sends both Long March Ⅲcluster carrier rocket ignited by low temperature and rocket with strap-on boosters with large carrier capacity into space.

Xichang Satellite Launch Centre Features

China's first manned space program
In order to support the Chinese Project 714 manned space program in the 1960s, the construction of a new space center at Xichang in the Sichuan province was decided, located farther from the Soviet border, thus safer. The Shuguang o­ne spacecraft was expected to be launched from the launch pad number o­ne. After the cancellation of the program the launch pad was never completed. Today a viewing platform for officials has been built at the site.

First Long March-2E carrier rocket
China launched its first Long March-2E carrier rocket o­n July 16, 1990, sending into orbit Pakistan's first indigenously developed Badr-1 satellite and HS-601.

World's worst space accident
This occurred o­n February 15, 1996 when the first new Long March 3 B heavy carrier rocket carrying Intelsat 708 veered off course 22 seconds after launch, crashing 1850 meters away from the launch pad in a nearby mountain village and destroying 80 houses, according to the official count, and killing more than 500 civilians according to unofficial Chinese sources.

China's first successful ASAT test
China conducted o­n January 11, 2007 an anti-satellite missile test with a SC-19 ASAT weapon.

A Chinese weather satellite — the FY-1C polar orbit satellite of the Fengyun series, at an altitude of 865 kilometres (537 mi), with a mass of 750 kg — was destroyed by a kinetic kill vehicle.

The SC-19 have been described as being based o­n a modified DF-21 ballistic missile or its commercial derivative, the KT-2 with a Kinetic Kill Vehicle and is fully mobile.

Beginning of China's lunar exploration program
On October 24, 2007, Chang'e 1, an un-manned Moon orbiter of the Chang'e program, was successfully launched from the facility, marking the beginning of China’s lunar exploration program.

First Long March-3C carrier rocket
China launched its first Long March-3C carrier rocket o­n April 25, 2008. This was the 105th mission of China's Long March series of rockets, and also the launch of the nation first data relay satellite.

Future of the center
With the completion of the upgrade of Wenchang Satellite Launch Center scheduled for 2013, all the GEO missions will be transferred to this new space center. Indeed, presenting too many inconvenients such as higher latitude, falling rocket stages o­n inhabited areas (Guizhou), limited transport infrastructures, the Xichang Satellite Launch Center should no longer be used for civilian duties. Nonetheless, it will not be closed but be kept to serve as a backup launch site.

Xichang Satellite Launch Centre Tickets

Xichang Satellite Launch Centre fee and opening hours
Admission: 56 yuan
Opening hours:  no information

Xichang Satellite Launch Centre Transporation

Xichang Satellite Launch Centre situated in the Mianning county, is 65 km away from the Xichang urban center, 18 km away from 108 National Road, Yapang Highway,  and Manshuiwan train station; 50 km from Qingshan Airport.
Or you could go there by renting car from Xichang, 1 hour, 200-300 yuan.

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