Luoji Mountain

Luoji Mountain

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Luoji Mountain

Introduction: IntroductionLuoji Mountain is 30 kilometers from south of Xichang Town. The main peak is calle..

Tickets:Luoji Mountain Fee and Opening hoursAdmission: 50 yuan (Fairy Cave28 yuan, Rope way 140 yuan)..

Travel Tips:Tips1.Steep mountain roads are difficult to identify, therefore the local villagers’ guide is..

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Luoji Mountain Introduction

Luoji Mountain is 30 kilometers from south of Xichang Town. The main peak is called "Luoji Mountain" for its shape is like the ancien girls’ spiral-shaped coil hair style(in Chinese, spiral-shaped coil is pronounced “Luoji”).
Liangshan Prefecture is under a subtropical monsoon climate. Seasons are not clear in most of the region with a warm winter and a cool summer. But dry and warm season is very distinct with a long period of time under sunshine, the annual average temperature is 14 ° C to 17 ° C. The best visiting time is during the November and next year's March, when is the warm and dry climate season, with no significant disastrous weather, therefore is suitable for tour. 

Luoji Mountain Features

According to the record of ancient books, there were Twelve Buddha Caves, Eighteen wonders, Tweenty-five Leve Grounds, Thirsty-six Natural Pools, Seventy-two Peaks, o­ne hundred and eight Sceneries in Luoji Mountain. Colorful glaciers and lakes, spectacular angle peaks and edge ridges of glaciers, the world's largest glacier groove, showy sea of azaleas, and deep and steep hot springs and waterfall makes "Five Superb Sceneries" of Luo ji Mountain. A candidate in the later Qing dynasty wrote in his Ode to Luoji Mountain: "The landscape here may be different from that of Emei Mountain, but its fame is parallel to Gushe mountain.
Luoji Mountain stands tall, full of peculiar peaks and pools. Primary forest is well preserved. Not o­nly some endangered strange creatures in the world are retained, but also the world's largest glacier groove relics at present are preserved completely there. The mountain has the reputation of "West Lake needs heavy makeup, Emei Mountain needs a little, while Luo Ji mountain is a natural beauty". All kinds of beautiful sights attracted many tourists far away to board here and explore its infinite mystery.

Luoji Mountain Tickets

Luoji Mountain Fee and Opening hours
Admission: 50 yuan (Fairy Cave28 yuan, Rope way 140 yuan)
Opening hours:  no information

Luoji Mountain Transporation

Take a bus(two buses a day)which will cost you 16 yuan from Xichang Bus Station and get to the Fairy Cave spot at the foot of Luoji Mountain after about o­ne hour, then run up the mountain.

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