Qionghai scenic spot

Qionghai scenic spot

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Qionghai scenic spot

Introduction: IntroductionQionghai Lushan Mountain scenic spot is located in Xichang City, the capital of Lia..

Tickets:Qionghai scenic spot  fee and opening hoursAdmission:  free (boating to the opp..

Travel Tips:Tips1. Prepare some sunscreen cream.2. Be careful in some dangerous place.

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Qionghai scenic spot Introduction

Qionghai Lushan Mountain scenic spot is located in Xichang City, the capital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture. The scenic area connects Xichang City town, composing the rare domestic unique natural landscape of the coexistence and dependence of the mountain, Lake and City and beautiful living environment. The scenic spot consists of Qionghai and Lu Shan Mountain, which is famous for its natural and human landscape of "pine, wind, water, moon, feeling" in the world.
The scenic spot, with the average temperature of 18 ℃, is warm in winter and cool in summer with spring-like four seasons. The beautiful sunshine throughout the year, the clear sky and thin cloud, the fresh and pleasant air, this makes it suitable for traveling in any season.

Qionghai scenic spot Features

Qionghai is the second largest natural freshwater lake in Sichuan Province, in the shape of a snail, with plateau lakes, sunshine climate and Yi customs as its main landscape features, including the famous "Eight Scenes of the sea", that is, Night moon in Qiong pool, Moon Bay, the Moonlight Customs town, sea parks, Qinglong Temple, the New Beach, Flowers Museum Park, Guanhai Bay.
South Lushan mountain leans o­n Luo Ji, the east of it is near Qionghai. It is covered with green trees and shadows all the year. During the period from Tang to Qing Dynasty, 15 shrines and temples were built around the mountain, including Guangfu Temple, Mongduan Memorial Hall, the Three-Religion Nunnery, Wenchang Palace, Guanyin Pavilion, Jade Pool Palace, the Jade EmperorHall, Qingyang Palace, Wuzu Nunnery and so o­n, most of them are well-preserved. Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism three religions coexist here.

Qionghai scenic spot Tickets

Qionghai scenic spot  fee and opening hours
Admission:  free (boating to the oppoiste fishing village10-20yuan, renting a boat tour around the Qionghai, more than 100 yuan)
Opening hours: no information

Qionghai scenic spot Transporation

You can take No.22 bus at Xichang Town with the ticket of 1 yuan.Or you can take a bus to Qionghai Park, get off at Qionghai Guesthouse and take a ten-minute walk to the mountain.Also, you can take a taxi from Xichang Town to Qionghai Park which will cost you about more 10 yuan at most, then take the rope way to Guangfu Temple which will cost you 3 yuan for the entrance ticket, then walk to the mountain.

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