Humen Naval Battle Museum

Humen Naval Battle Museum

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Humen Naval Battle Museum

Introduction: IntroductionThe Humen Naval Battle Museum is located at the east end of the Human Bridge. Cove..

Tickets:Humen Naval Battle Museum fee and opening hoursAdmission fee:  CNY 20 /per (50% discount..

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Humen Naval Battle Museum Introduction

The Humen Naval Battle Museum is located at the east end of the Human Bridge. Covering an area of about 200,000 square meters (about 49 acres), the museum looks much like a huge warship. The museum's theme is the naval battles during the Opium War (1840-1842) and betrays a graphic view of the struggling Chinese people in the war. The museum mainly consists of three parts: the main hall, sea wall and the memorial square.
Covering an area of 2000 square meters (about 2391 square yards), the main hall is made up of four exhibit halls. Hall No.1 and No.2 are in the themes of 'the Naval Battles in the Opium War'. With a series of paintings and small-sized but vivid models, the display visualizes the course of the sea war during the Opium War. The display shows the tragic history of how the Chinese people defeated the more powerful foreign invaders. In Hall No. 3, paintings of 'the Naval War in Humen in the Opium War' are o­n exhibit. As well as the vivid models, background sounds of the war add to the reality, and lights are used to simulate those in the war in order to give people a realistic scene of the action and tragedy of war. Hall No. 4 is o­ne of the education bases for drug control. In this hall, a series of pictures, status and articles are displayed to describe the harm of drugs in order to remind people not to use drugs.

Humen Naval Battle Museum Features

Embraced by dense green trees, the main building faces two clear-watered lakes revealing a natural and tranquil scene. In front of the main building, there is a broad memorial square. Standing in the square, people can get a full view of the grand Humen Bridge and the ancient Weiyuan Emplacement (which is o­ne of the relics of the Opium War). Not far from the square, a continuous sea wall over 800 meters (about 875 yards) encircles the museum and the nearby buildings. When people stand o­n the sea wall, the gentle moist sea breeze touching their faces brings a comfortable feeling.
Facing the estuary of the Pearl River the museum is situated in a beautiful sea setting, and with the many displays, it is truly a place people can learn about history and enjoy beautiful scenery.

Humen Naval Battle Museum Tickets

Humen Naval Battle Museum fee and opening hours
Admission fee:  CNY 20 /per (50% discount for students)
Opening hours: 7:00-17:00

Humen Naval Battle Museum Transporation

Bus route: 2 (from Humen Town);
In Dongguan City, special route bus from Guancheng to Weiyuan

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