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The Crocodile Lake

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The Crocodile Lake

Introduction: Introduction:The Crocodile Lake is located between the up and down of the old downtown. ..

Tickets:The Crocodile Lake Fee and Opening Hour:Admission Fee: not mentionOpening Hours: not men

Travel Tips:Tips1. People in Guangdong district use Cantonese Chaozhou words and Hakka most often, in..

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The Crocodile Lake Introduction

The Crocodile Lake is located between the up and down of the old downtown.  It cover an area of 12 hectare. Though it is not as famous as west Lake in Hangzhou, it still has its distinctive beauty and stands for the culture of Hakka. It has many sights such as Yuanxing Pavilion, Harong , Mingfeng Bridge, and Mingfeng Pavilion and so o­n.
Heyuan, o­ne of the cities in Guangdong province, covers a large area of 15,800 square kilometers. It consists of the Yuan District and 5 counties: Dongyuan County, Zijin County, Longchuan County, Heping County and Lianping County.

The Crocodile Lake Features

It is said that the Huarong Bridge, means great changes in o­ne’s look, got the name by an old folk. According to the legend, in the ancient times, there is a poor born, ugly in her appearance girl, fell into the lake from this bridge. When saved, she became very beautiful and was asked to go to the imperial palace and be an imperial concubine at last.
Mingfeng Bridge lies in the middle of the Mingfeng Bridge. It is said when LiTao began to build the lake, he made the bridge stand for his sedan chair o­n propose. The bridge was winding at first, then it was broaden and straighten. There are also jade green and thick tree o­n each side of the bridge. So it is called Qingqu , means green and winding. So it goes with EHuQingQu.

The Crocodile Lake Tickets

The Crocodile Lake Fee and Opening Hour:
Admission Fee: not mention
Opening Hours: not mention

The Crocodile Lake Transporation

You can get there by bus 1,3,5,6,7.

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