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Huguang Rock

Introduction: IntroductionZhanjiang Huguang Rock Scenic Spot is a 4A tour area located 18 kilometers southwes..

Tickets:Huguang Rock Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: CNY50Opening Hours: unknown

Travel Tips:Tips1. Cantonese, Chaozhou Dialect, and Hakka are popular.2. There are much delicious snack...

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Huguang Rock Introduction

Zhanjiang Huguang Rock Scenic Spot is a 4A tour area located 18 kilometers southwest to Zhanjiang City. Ma’er Lake, formed 14-16 million years ago because of the eruption of Pingdi Volcano, named as "natural Yearbook" by expert geologists of UN for researching the earth and science of geography.
Zhanjiang is located in the south of the Tropic of Cancer, belonging to subtropical climate regulated by the ocean climate without cold winter and hot summer. It has a long summer while a short winter. The range of temperatures is not significant. Its average temperature is 23.2 ℃ with the highest temperature in July and the lowest in January. The Best travel seasons are spring and autumn.

Huguang Rock Features

Its core area is 13.6 square kilometers with 2.3 square kilometers lake area, mainly was composed of Huoshankou Lake and volcano lava. Huguang Rock scenic spot is beautiful, four spring-like seasons, elegant and unique landscape. Richness tour resources, such as the Lions Hill, Ma’er Lake, Lengyan Temple, Boyi Hut, natural volcanic site, script of “Huguang Rock” wrote by Ligang, volcanic Popular Science Museum, Ma’er Lake popular science corridor, Leizhou Ancient Homes, customs Park, East Gate Ecological Entrance Plaza, tea house and many other natural and cultural landscapes.“Rare, ancient and marvelous" is three major characteristics of Huguang Rock Scenic Spot, while the essence of Huguang Rock area is pure water as clean as mountain water. It doesn’t drought in dry season and overflow in flood season. Leaves o­n the lake are without a trace; the lake has groups of fishes without no frogs, snakes and Mahuang, An animal, such as a leech, that sucks blood.

Huguang Rock Tickets

Huguang Rock Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: CNY50
Opening Hours: unknown

Huguang Rock Transporation

 Zhanjiang urban area—Huguang Rock Scenic Spot
1. Xia Mountain: Every ten minutes, a tour bus No.9 would come at Guanhai Corridor (course: 18 kilometers, time: 6:30-20:30 ticket: ¥3.50).
2. Bus station: Bus No.3 is coming every 15 minutes(course: 22 kilometers, time: 6:30-20:30 ticket: ¥3.50).
3 Chichan: Bus No.6 is coming every 30 minutes(course: 22 kilometers, time: 6:30-20:30 ticket: ¥3.50).

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