Xiqiao Mountain

Xiqiao Mountain

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Xiqiao Mountain

Introduction: Xiaoqiao Mountain,a famous mountain in South Guangdong Province, is not o­nly a national s..

Tickets:Contact: 0757-85579217Admission Fee: RMB 40 for Xiqiao Mountain National forest park,RMB 15 fo..

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Xiqiao Mountain Introduction

Xiaoqiao Mountain,a famous mountain in South Guangdong Province, is not o­nly a national scenic spot but also a national forest park and a provincial tourist resort. It has a reputation as being Lighthouse of the Peal Civilization, Mountain of natural science in South Guangdong and Hometown of Wong Feihung. Xiqiao Mountain has 72 peaks; 48 deep caves of mystery; 28 waterfalls of splashing drops, more than 200 springs and numerous valleys and winding brooks

Xiqiao Mountain Features

The natural scenery of Xiqiao Mountain is tranquil and beautiful and a culture of tourism goes back to ancient times there are ten tourist spots displaying distinctive features. They are the Mountain itself; the Cultural Center of Nanhai Buddhism Guanyin; the Holy Place of Huang Daxian; the Lion Dance and Martial Art Gallery of Wong Feihung; White Cloud Cave; Tianhu Park; Jasper Cave; Stone Swallow Cliff and Nine Dragons Cliff. These all enhance o­ne anothers beauty resulting in a haven of peace ideal for vacation and relaxation.

Xiqiao Mountain Tickets

Contact: 0757-85579217

Admission Fee: RMB 40 for Xiqiao Mountain National forest park,RMB 15 for Baiyun Cave.

Xiqiao Mountain Transporation

Nan Guo Peach Garden is situated in the famous peach blossom hometown of Guangdong province----Songgang Town of Nanhai City. Its a new tourist resort officially open to the public in November 1995. In 1999, it was listed as a provincial tourist resort. It occupies 8 square kilometers and its peakaflat top mountain 107-meters above sea level. The top of the mountain is flat where o­ne can enjoy scenic views. There are many scenic spots in Nan Guo Peach Garden such as Egrets Paradise; Bi Bo Lake Aquatic Amusement Center; Buddhism Guanyin Temple; Phoenix Scenic Spot; Flat Top Post; Fontainebleau Hotel; Peach Blossom Valley; and the Golf Course. Recreational facilities are also fully equipped with the Peach Garden Entertainment Town, the Bowling Center and Field Club are now also up and running. An 18-hole international standard golf course is about to be completed. Accommodation is very convenient with hotels and villas like Fontainebleau Hotel and Village Club. After several years development, Nan Guo Peach Garden has become a famous tourist resort catering to the needs of all holidaymakers and business people.

The Best Hotels in Xiqiao Mountain

  • Shunde Wanlilai Hotel
  • Yuda Hotel

    Yuda Hotel

    Preparatory Four-star FoshanNanhai Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

  • Greenlake Hot Spring Hotel

    Greenlake Hot Spring Hotel

    Preparatory Four-star FoshanSanshui Price:-

    Situated in Sanshui Forest Park, a national AAAA scenic spot, Foshan's Greenlake Hot Spring Hotel (Foshan Luhu Wenquan Dujia Jiudian) immerses guests in a pleasant environment with fres..

  • Hibernian Hotel

    Hibernian Hotel

    Five-star Foshan Price:-

    The Hibernian Hotel (Xibonian Jiudian) is within easy reach of major local attractions including Zhaomu Hill, Guanyin Temple and Qingyun Cave Scenic Area. For those with more serious pur..

  • Zhida Hotel

    Zhida Hotel

    Preparatory Three-star FoshanShunde Price:-

    The Zhida Hotel (Shunde Longjiang Zhida Jiudian) is within 20 minutes drive of a list of attractions including an ancestral hall, Liangyuan Garden and Bruce Lee residence and the Dayan H..

Xiqiao Mountain Hotels

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