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Lovers' Road

Introduction: Introduction:Located in the eastern coast of Zhuhai, Lovers' Road was built in the early ..

Tickets:Lovers' Road Fee and Opening Hour:Admission Fee: FreeOpening Hours: not limit

Travel Tips:Tips:1.To carry a small bag to bring some commonly used drugs, because the travel would inevi..

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Lovers' Road Introduction

Located in the eastern coast of Zhuhai, Lovers' Road was built in the early 1990s. It north from the Harbor Road junction, south to the Gongbei Barrier Gate junction, and closely associated with Macao. The total length is 13 km. it relies o­n coastline as soft as silk, the blue sky ,white clouds, panoramic view of the sea, along with the scenic area, many attractions, attract tourists stop to admire the beauty. At the same time, it is also a good place for leisure play for the public. Beautiful lovers Road, with its unique charm, become known near and far, and a famous  name card  for Zhuhai.

Lovers' Road Features

Lovers' Road is the "Great Wall" of Zhuhai, it simply, roads of dozens of kilometers are all paved from o­ne block of visually the conglomerates. It is not uniform, but consistent. it is magnificent, from beginning to the end, Regardless of the final encounter mountains, or facing huge rock, the winding stone railing all the time, and through the wind and the beating waves day and night. never have been a huge waves had destroyed a  Railing during the past several decades, it beautiful, Southland tree green and tidy all the time, and the streets always lush with flowers, with Bees, butterflies are dancing around.
 The endless shoreline provides wonderful waterfront areas and sandy beaches. There stands also the landmark of Zhuhai, Zhuhai Pearl Lady. The statute is a master of art with vivid facial impression and graceful body figure. Furthermore, with the dramatic legend, it attracts thousands of visitors everyday. Visitors are advised to enjoy the pleasant breeze, wonderful sunshine and road side views. By day or by night, the seaside beach park is an ideal place for visitors to enjoy life and to relax.

Lovers' Road Tickets

Lovers' Road Fee and Opening Hour:
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: not limit

Lovers' Road Transporation

take bus 9,99 or Sightseeing Bus

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