Subuya Stone Forest

Subuya Stone Forest

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Subuya Stone Forest

Introduction: IntroductionThe Subuya Stone Forest, 3A scenic spot, is 54km away from  the go..

Tickets:Subuya Stone Forest fee and opening hoursadmission: CNY30opening hours: no informati

Travel Tips:Tips1. You'd better wear sport shoes, it's much more comfortable.2. Be careful

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Subuya Stone Forest Introduction

The Subuya Stone Forest, 3A scenic spot, is 54km away from  the government of Ensi Tujia Miaozu Zizizhou to the north. Its total area is 21 square kilimetres, ranks the second lagrest stone forest in the country.
"Subo" means three in Tujia language, the average altitude of Subuya stone forest is about 900m. Because of the subtropical monsoon climate, it is neither too cold in winter nor too hot  in summer. The best time to visit Enshi is April and May. 

Subuya Stone Forest Features

The Subuya Stone Forest is 10 to 40 meters in height and has an area of more than 100, which is the largest karst stone forest landform found in Hubei to the present. Like a big gourd surrounded by green trees and mountains, it has 8 scenic areas and more than 100 spots, orderly including the Gubo Folkway Amusement Park, Green Dragon Temple, Six Steps Pass, Lotus Stockacled Village, Pagoda Cliff, Millstone Ditch, Jinxiu Valley, Pear Flat. In the 8 areas, rare flowers and strange stones are seen everywhere, some like a goshawk looking at the moon, like a fairy looking back, like dragon fighting with tiger, like blossoming lotus, all in omniform shapes and of different feeling. The beauty of the stone forest is not o­nly in its unique landform but also in the profound Tujia culture which attributes a lot.

Subuya Stone Forest Tickets

Subuya Stone Forest fee and opening hours
admission: CNY30
opening hours: no information

Subuya Stone Forest Transporation

1. special line bus from Wuyangba coach station.
2. bus to Taiyang countryside, about 15 yuan.

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