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Three Bridge

Introduction: IntroductionThere are three famous bridges in Tongli, the most famous bridges among the 49 bri..

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Three Bridge Introduction

There are three famous bridges in Tongli, the most famous bridges among the 49 bridges in tongli are the three bridges called taiping (peace), jili (luck) and changqing (celebration) bridges, Taiping or "Bridge of Peace and Tranquility", Jili Bridge, which means "bridge to bring good luck" and Changqing Bridge, which means "bridge of lasting celebration". Together they are known as the Ternate Bridges, as they cross three rivers at their confluence and form a natural ring road. Each also has its own interesting story. which has been important landmarks of the place and regarded as the sacred architecture by the locals. whenever there is an important occasion, such as wedding, people would like to walk through the three bridges, which is supposed to bring peace, fortune and happiness in their lives.
Tongli is the beautiful town in South of Yangtze, is not very hot in summer and not very cold in winter. So you can choose any season for coming.

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The small but exquisite Taiping Bridge was built during the reign of emperor Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty. Jili Bridge is an arch bridge, inscribed at either end with age-old couplets describing the town's beautiful scenery. While the Changqing Bridge, also named Guangli Bridge, has a very long history; it was originally built in 1470 and rebuilt in 1704. Furthermore, the Ternate Bridges are considered symbols of good luck and locals often walk over them during weddings or birthday parties to receive a blessing. The oldest bridge in Tongli is Siben Bridge. It was built in the Song Dynasty about 8 centuries ago and was named to remind people to think over o­ne's origin. The town's smallest bridge is called Dubu or Single Step Bridge and is o­nly o­ne-and-a-half meters in length and less than o­ne meter in width.  The bridges have certainly survived the test of time. Thankfully, many ancient houses have also survived and serve as monuments to the town's rich history. For this we can thank the beauty of the waterways and nearby lakes as they helped spare Tongli from wars in ancient times which swallowed many other towns. So well preserved is the town's ancient glory that about 40 percent of its houses and temples date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. For this reason, Tongli is also known as a "museum of ancient Chinese architecture".

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Three Bridge fee and opening hours
Admission free
Opening hours all day

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