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Bao Tong Temple

Introduction: IntroductionBao Tong Temple was built in the Southern Dynasty between Liu and Song periods (A..

Tickets:Bao Tong Temple Fee and Opening hoursAdmission: 10  RMBOpening hour: 8:00-1

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Bao Tong Temple Introduction

Bao Tong Temple was built in the Southern Dynasty between Liu and Song periods (AD 420-479), which has more than 1580 years of history till now, and it is the longest history of existing ancient temples in Wuhan. The existing temple was revised in 1879, the large scales and the elegant decorations is the first of Wuchang temples.
Bao Tong Temple is famous for its three-eyes springs and the strange stones of mountains, the existing and the most famous building of temple is Hongshan pagoda. There are many old trees in the mountains; it’s said that the Southern Song Dynasty national hero Yue Fei planted pine trees when the troops garrisoned in this area, called Yuesong. But it was felled in late Ming dynasty, and Qing dynasty Tongzhi years planted more pine trees in situ, called Yue-song as well, there is still eight surviving.
Bao Tong Temple has free captive animals pond (Fangsheng Chi), Holy monk Bridge, Jieyin palace, East and west hall, the Main Hall (Daxiong Bao Dian), founder Palace, Zen Hall and other constructions, the temple construction with the mountain and ups and downs, which is beautiful. After the temple, there’re Hongshan pagoda, Fajie Palace, and kiosks, the stone layers, rare stones, quiet pathway, Huayan hole and White Dragon Spring and other famous places, the places are so beautiful, the visitors even forgot the time to go home during playing.
Wuhan is a famous hot place, it is very hot in summer, and there’s o­nly minor temperature difference between day and night. Because the sunshine is very strong and drying, please never forget to prepare the beach umbrella, sunscreen and other items. Try to avoid the high-temperature periods if possible.

Bao Tong Temple Features

Mountain gate (Shanmen): Arrive the Bao Tong temple, we can see the grooming gate, the door of letters "Bao Tong temple" with powerful extraordinary momentum, which wrote by the Chairman of the Buddhist Association of China and famous calligrapher Mr. Zhao Puchu. Enter the gate; there is "Fangsheng Chi" and "Holy Monk Bridge", a few yards of green acres trees and ancient trees. Bao Tong Temple is not o­nly a long history Temple, but also with many attractive famous historical sites. Such as the Milked Spring (called White Dragon Spring) and other several springs, the pine trees which plated by famous patriotic hero Yue Fei, Hongshan mountain eight scenic spots and other ancient carved Cliffs, and the, the large cast iron bell which made in Southern Song Dynasty, the large stone lions sculpture of the Ming Dynasty, Hongshan pagoda which built in the early Yuan Dynasty, and so o­n.
Famous historical sites: pass the Nile Hall and the Main Hall (Da Xiong Bao Dian), through Huayan hole and Huayan Kiosk, climb the Hong San pagoda, although some historical sites were already destroyed, or illegible, the lofty temples, ancient trees, verdant forests and rugged rare stones will give visitors a great of fun.
The most noteworthy is Hongshan pagoda. The tower stands o­n the top of Hongshan moutain, formerly known as Baotong tower, Ling Ji tower, renamed as Hongshan pagoda, it was built in 1280 in order to commemorate the founder Master Ciren. The pagoda is 45.6 m high, the brick structure, with sophisticated design, the top of pagoda was made of 6.5 tons of copper cast, which means hoping for the eternal. Enter from the base of arches door, and go to the top; the all sceneries are under the views.
Rare trees: there are some rare trees near the Hongshan pagoda, some fully take root into the rock, and some roots even separated by the boulders, which are really miraculous arts.

Bao Tong Temple Tickets

Bao Tong Temple Fee and Opening hours
Admission: 10  RMB
Opening hour: 8:00-17:00

Bao Tong Temple Transporation

Bus route: 503, 519, 536, 709, or city touring bus line 1 to Hongshan Station

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