Tortoise Hill (Guishan) Park

Tortoise Hill (Guishan) Park

Tortoise Hill (Guishan) Park Pictures Gallery

Tortoise Hill (Guishan) Park

Introduction: IntroductionTortoise Hill (Guishan), which looks like a huge tortoise, is in the north of Han..

Tickets:Tortoise Hill (Guishan) Fee and Opening hourAdmission: 15 yuan RMB; the Ancient Music Te..

Travel Tips:Tips1. Protect the cultural relics and historic sites.2. Respect the local customs.3. Be care..

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Tortoise Hill (Guishan) Park Introduction

Tortoise Hill (Guishan), which looks like a huge tortoise, is in the north of Hanyang across the Yangtze River from Snake Hill. With the Hanshui River also flowing by in the north, the hill was a strategic point in ancient wars. It is said that when King Yu in primitive age came here to tame the river, he was confronted by a water demon whom he fought for several years without success. Finally, a tortoise from Heaven arrived and defeated the demon, which turned into Snake Hill are many temples, pavilions, and terraces built over the dynasties, including King Yu's Rock by the side of the river, King Yu's Temple, the carvings o­n cliffs, and the Ancient Music Terrace (Guqintai).

Tortoise Hill (Guishan) Park Features

Guqin Platform: located at the west side of Guishan hill and the east of Moon Lake, also known as Boya Platform, to commemorate the story of Boya and Ziqi of "High Mountain and Flowing Water to meet the indeed friends", the platform built in the Northern Song Dynasty. The square white marble of Main Hall at the front of Platform, which was said it was the place Boya playing the musics.
Qingchuan Club: at the foot of Guishan, which opposites to the Yellow Crane Tower, which was buit in Ming dynasty (1522-1567 AD), the name of Qingchuan Club, was from the poem of Tang Dynasty poet Cui Hao when he arrived Yellow Crane Tower.
Guishan TV Tower: Located at the top of Guishan, built in 1986, the elevation of tower is 311.4 meters, which is much taller than "European mast," the tall tower of Dutch capital Amsterdam, thus, there have been named "Asian mast." It’s the best place to overlook the scenery of Wuhan.

Tortoise Hill (Guishan) Park Tickets

Tortoise Hill (Guishan) Fee and Opening hour
Admission: 15 yuan RMB; the Ancient Music Terrace (Guqintai): 10 yuan RMB; Qingchuang Terrace: 15 yuan RMB.
Opening hour: not available

Tortoise Hill (Guishan) Park Transporation

Bus route: 10, 61, 64; electrical bus: 1, 4; the city view line: 1

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