Plum Blossom Hill

Plum Blossom Hill

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Plum Blossom Hill

Introduction: IntroductionNanjing Plum Blossom Hill is located o­n the south face of Purple Mountain. Th..

Tickets:Plum Blossom Hill fee and opening hoursAdmission: 80yuan including Zhongshanling, Linggu temple..

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please pay attention to climb mountain or walking in resort. 2.Please comply with the l..

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Plum Blossom Hill Introduction

Nanjing Plum Blossom Hill is located o­n the south face of Purple Mountain. There is a long history of cultivating and enjoying plum blossom in Nanjing, particularly o­n Meihua Hill, o­ne of the four national plum blossom scenic spots, which is located in Zhongshan Hill Scenic Area. Now, we also can enjoy the scene at Fujiabian, Pearl Spring, and Gulin Park. It starts from late February to middle March annually, and holds various serial activities and economic and trade exchanges.
Nanjing belongs to subtropical monsoon humid climate with abundant rainfall and distinct seasons. Its average annual temperature is 15.4 ℃, and average annual precipitation is 1106mm. It is sunny in spring, but it is rainy during the plum rain period. It is hot in summer and called the “three furnace” with Wuhan and Chongqing. It is dry and cool in autumn, cold and dry in winter. Nanjing has short spring and autumn, long winter and summer, the temperature differences between winter and summer is great. Every season has its own characteristics and all of them are good travel times.

Plum Blossom Hill Features

Plum Blossom Hill now is o­ne of the eight best places for enjoying the plum bloosom in China. It is also called Sun Mausoleum Hill as is the tomb of Sun Quan, king of Dong Wu. There are plum trees all over the hill. The international Plum Blossom Festival of Nanjing is held here every year. It is also listed as o­ne of the annual serial tour festivals by National Tour Bureau.

Plum Blossom Hill Tickets

Plum Blossom Hill fee and opening hours
Admission: 80yuan including Zhongshanling, Linggu temple, Meiling palace, Zhongshan memorial, Music stage
Opening hours: 7:00-18:30

Plum Blossom Hill Transporation

Tour bus 2,3,20,315

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