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Xijin Ferry Street

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Xijin Ferry Street

Introduction: IntroductionThe Xijin Ferry Street was built in the Six Dynasties period (222-589) at the foo..

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Travel Tips:Tips1.Please comply with the local rule of law. 2.Please keep the environment and do not leav..

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Xijin Ferry Street Introduction

The Xijin Ferry Street was built in the Six Dynasties period (222-589) at the foot of Yuntai Hill, west of the city. In the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the famous Italian traveler, Marco Polo entered Zhenjiang from here after crossing thee Yangtze River from Guazhou. A street came into being gradually after the water receded. Now the zigzag ancient street stretches hundreds of meters o­n thee mountain slope. Its five arches divided the street into different scenic sights.
Zhenjiang situated in the north part of subtropical zone with the monsoon climate; frost-free of 23.7 days, average sunlight of 2057.2 hours, and frog period of 20 days. The annul average of temperature is15.4℃. The best travel time is spring and autumn

Xijin Ferry Street Features

Walking along the street, visitors feel as if they were experiencing o­ne dynasty after another. Inscriptions are seen o­n the arches, such as "Happy Boating" and "Journeying Together", expressing the wishes of the ancient people before boarding the ferry boat. "Hills covered with green wood" and "Flying Pavilion and Sailing Boats" remind the visitors who are walking along the street of thee charming landscapes and the busy ferry in the old days. At the end of the street stands a stone pagoda built in the Yuan Dynasty. The bottle-shaped pagoda stands o­n a platform supported by four stone pillars. It is the country's o­nly stone pagoda arching over the street, a lama pagoda, five meters high. Walking under it o­nce is regarded as a prayer.

Xijin Ferry Street Tickets

Xijin Ferry Street fee and opening hours
Admission free
Opening hours all day

Xijin Ferry Street Transporation

Bus2 from train station
Taxi from city center under 10yuan

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