Shizishan Han Dynasty Tomb

Shizishan Han Dynasty Tomb

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Shizishan Han Dynasty Tomb

Introduction: IntroductionThe Shizishan Han Dynasty Tomb is a valuable relic that showcases the ancient cultu..

Tickets:Shizishan Han Dynasty Tomb fee and opening hoursAdmission: 15yuan, Chu King tomb20yuanOpening ..

Travel Tips:Tips1. Please protect facilities in the resort and keep the environment and do not leave rubb..

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Shizishan Han Dynasty Tomb Introduction

The Shizishan Han Dynasty Tomb is a valuable relic that showcases the ancient culture of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - 220 A.D.). It is situated o­n the western side of Shizishan Mountain, meaning Tortoise Mountain, which lies to the northwest of Xuzhou. The tomb was built for Liu Wu and his wife, the sixth prince and princess that reigned during the Western Han Dynasty (128 B.C – 116 B.C.). The tombs consist of a long central corridor that leads deep into the hill, extending to 100 meters in both tombs and composed of two parallel but connecting parts: the south part is the tomb of Liu Zhu and the north part is his wife’s. Each tomb is accessible to visitors. The main body of the tomb covers 700 square meters and consists of fifteen chambers which follow the format of a house, including kitchens, bedrooms, living room, halls and more.
Xuzhou is near to Shandong, Henan, and Anhui Province, located in the boundary of south and north of China, belongs to warm temperate monsoonal climate zone. The feature of the climate is warm, temperate rainfall and has a distinct four seasons. The annual average temperature is 14℃. Tourists can travel there in four seasons.

Shizishan Han Dynasty Tomb Features

The whole tomb even has a complete drainage system. In the Han Dynasty, death was seen as a transition from o­ne life to the next, and in the afterlife the deceased continued to live the lifestyle they enjoyed while alive. Therefore they were buried with of all sorts of things which they would need in their new life. For example, food, wine, and tools were placed in the tomb’s storerooms. Larger items were represented by models made of clay, ranging from vehicles and servants to houses and even pigsties, complete with clay pigs.The last chambers of the underground complex held the coffins of the prince and princess.

Shizishan Han Dynasty Tomb Tickets

Shizishan Han Dynasty Tomb fee and opening hours
Admission: 15yuan, Chu King tomb20yuan
Opening hours: no information

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Bus 5,49,58,60,71,605,608

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