Shennongjia Fengjing Ya

Shennongjia Fengjing Ya

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Shennongjia Fengjing Ya

Introduction: IntroductionFengjing Ya is located in the south part of Shennongjia nature protection area, Hub..

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Travel Tips:Tips1. the suggestion route: Yanzi Ya-Yanzi Cave-Hongping Gallery-Fengjing Ya.2. you had bett..

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Shennongjia Fengjing Ya Introduction

Fengjing Ya is located in the south part of Shennongjia nature protection area, Hubei Province. The elevation is 2,700 meters. The mountain is unique and the valley is elegant. It is enchanting and within the valley are a lot of strange stones. The Stone Forests stand stark against a horizon of endless emerald-green mountains. The strange stones are countless, some twisting and turning, some slim and graceful, some unyielding with craggy characteristic, some covered the cliff and shade from the sky, slender and elegant like young girl, some like old man, some like iron tower standing straight or like sword cutting the sky and the sight is indescribable.

Shennongjia Fengjing Ya Features

From the bottom to the peak, the gorge is quiet and the paths are twisting and turning. The wild flower spreads among them, the green binding trees, and the spring water sound together with birds singing. The cliff is steep and is all covered with pine and cypress like unfolding umbrellas. It is a very interesting view.
There are thousands peaks that are steep looking like dragon and snakes dancing and raising to the heaven and the forest fluctuates like sea waves when you look around to get a broad view of the cliff by ascending the peak. Between the cliffs, the waterfall is like fluttering silver thread. In the far distance, Yangtze River flutters away. The mountain range, the dark green jungle, the flowing water dripping from time to time and the jutting peaks are said to resemble jagged islands floating o­n a sea of clouds .The views amounted to many kinds.

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Shennongjia Fengjing Ya Transporation

You can go there by rent a car, about 300yuan/day.

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