Shennongjia National Nature Reserve

Shennongjia National Nature Reserve

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Shennongjia National Nature Reserve

Introduction: Shennongjia Nature Reserve Area has the wildest scenery, combining rolling, majestic mountains ..

Tickets:Shennong Peak Scenic Area fee and opeing hoursadmission: 140 yuanopening hours: 8:00-17

Travel Tips:Tips1. No fire no smoke in the resort.2. Pleast protect the environment of the resort.3. Obe..

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Shennongjia National Nature Reserve Introduction

Shennongjia Nature Reserve Area has the wildest scenery, combining rolling, majestic mountains and vast expanses of thick forest. The special terrain here creates a warm and humid climate, making it a paradise for plants and animals at the meeting point of North and South China. Located in the juncture of three counties of Badong, Xingshan and Fangxian, Hubei Province, the southwest of Shennongjia National Nature Reserve is o­n the border of Xiangfan City, Yichang City and Wanxian County respectively.

Shennongjia National Nature Reserve Features

History and Culture
The Reserve was established in 1982 with a total area of 70,467 hectares. The Reserve encompasses three vertical vegetation zones namely subtropical, warm temperate and cold temperate; hence, it is an ideal place for ecological research o­n biodiversity, typicality and natural transition of vegetation. Shennongjia National Nature Reserve was accepted by the International Man and Biosphere Reserve Network of UNESCO in 1990.
The Reserve lies in the transitional zone of northern subtropical to mid subtropical. It is cool, moist and rainy. Its average temperature is 7.9℃ with the extreme high temperature of 36.4℃ and lowest temperature of 17.7℃ below zero. Its yearly precipitation averages 1,440 millimeters. July and August are rainy seasons. Generally speaking, it is in the glacier period from the end of September to the next April and is covered with hails all year round. Complicated terrain, plenty of rain, big relative height difference and other reasons make the Reserve a mysterious place.
In the Reserve, the highest peak, Shennongding, is 3105.4 meters above sea level while the lowest place has an altitude of 398 meters. Its average altitude is 1,700 meters and there are 6 peaks whose altitude top 3,000 meters. Hence, Shennongjia has been called "the roof of central China".

Geographical Features
In ancient times, the present Shennongjia was still the ocean. With the movement of Himalayas, Shennongjia was raised up and became the “foof of central China”. The climate of the Shennongjia is relatively cool and rainy. The unique geographical location and microclimate make Shennongjia the o­nly semi tropics forest ecological system in inland area of the north hemisphere.
Abundant Natural Resources
In the primitive forest of Shennongjia, there are many animals and plants, among which many are endangered o­nes. More than 1,000 kinds of trees grow in this forest, including precious o­nes since 80 millions years ago. Over 3,700 kinds of other plants and more than 1,050 kinds of animals find their living paradise in Shennongjia, No wonder that Shennongjia Natural Reserve is regarded “the Kingdom of creatures”.
Mysterious “Wild man”
In the ancient forest of Shennongjia, there is a mystery about the “wild man”. Since 50s of 20th century, reports about the wild man has never disappeared. In 1976, Chinese scientists had find dejecta and hair, as well as foot print of creatures similar as human being. Afterwards, many local residents also declared that they have seen the mysterious creature. Until now, many people think that the “wild man” is just folklores or simply nonsense. Since no o­ne had taken a clear photo or catch a “wild man”, the story is still in doubts and suspicious.

Shennongjia National Nature Reserve Tickets

Shennong Peak Scenic Area fee and opeing hours
admission: 140 yuan
opening hours: 8:00-17:00

Shennongjia National Nature Reserve Transporation

It is 113km away from Songbai town, and 28km from Yumu town.
It takes 10 RMB/person by bus from Xingshan to Muyu Town directly.

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