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Introduction: IntroductionBanbi Rock, which is located in Shennongjia, attracts tourists from all over the wo..

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Banbi Rock, which is located in Shennongjia, attracts tourists from all over the world because of the trace of “wild human beings”. The Banbi Rock area is covered with bamboos. It was said wild humans come from here. Traces such as hair, dejection and bamboo nest of the “wild human beings” were discovered in this area. According to the hair discovered, scientists found that the form of the cells is more advanced than that of common animals. The dejection, which is 1.6kg in weight, proves that it belongs to the shape of “the wild human being”. The bamboo nests are among those that most astonished people. The big nest is made up of over 20 bamboos and it is quite comfortable to lie in the nest. Lying in the nest also enables you to observe what happen around you. All these proved that the “wild human beings” exist here especially when we know these nests can’t be made by animals such as bears, monkeys, etc.

Banbi Rock Features

The Banbi Rock area attracts numerous tourists not o­nly because of the wild human beings, but also because of the stones and rocks. In the bamboo forest, strange stones and rocks stood upright. The most attractive o­ne is the large stone situated in the north slope of this area. The stone looks like a mother and a son, leaning close to each other if seen from far. Many artists and photographers come here and spend long time to appreciate the strange stone.

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several buses can arrive to Banbi Rock

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