South River Scenic Area

South River Scenic Area

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South River Scenic Area

Introduction: IntroductionThe South River originates from the south of Yangriwan's Wenqing River in Shen..

Tickets:South River Scenic Area Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: 25RMBBoats Fee: A boat for 1—10 Pers..

Travel Tips:TipsTake care of yourselves in the boats. And take along anything precious and important with ..

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South River Scenic Area Introduction

The South River originates from the south of Yangriwan's Wenqing River in Shennongjia. The origin of the north is Malan River from Wudang Mountain and flows to Zhucang Cave in BaoKang County. It enters the Gucheng County boundary from Donggzhuang valley and from Geleizui, it flows into Hanshui River.
It includes: "The Lesser Three Gorges o­n the South River", Wulong Mountain, Xianglu Stone, Hot-spring Entertain Area, and Baishui Valley. It covers 242 square kilometers.
Hydroelectric power station was built at Hujiadu, which is 23 kilometers from Gucheng County. The grand dam turned the river valley into a plane lake. It lies against both bank of the high peak with beautiful scenery. Its beautiful scenery resembles the world famous Three Gorges of Yangtze River. Therefore, it earned the reputation of "The Lesser Three Gorges o­n the South River"
Xiangfan enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate with annual average temperature of about 15—16℃. It’s suitable for you to travel yearly.

South River Scenic Area Features

Recognized as o­ne of the top ten scenic spots in China, the Three Gorges provide the most stunning sights and scenery along the Yangtze River, China's longest waterway.
The Three Gorges consist of Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge, and Xiling Gorge, stretching 193 kilometres from Baidicheng in Fengjie, and Chongqing in the west, to Nanjinguan in Yichang, Hubei in the east. Within the territory of Hubei are 134 kilometres of the stretch and Xiling Gorge.
Qutang Gorge, the western arm of the Three Gorges, is best known for its power and magnificence. At its narrowest point, which is less than 100 metres across, the river rushes and roars like thousands of horses galloping through a gate, giving this spot the name of the First Gate in the World.
Wu Gorge, with its long stretch and deep valley, is charming and exquisite. Twelve Peaks line the banks of the gorge there, all endowed with great beauty. Among them the Goddess Peak is the most enchanting.
Xiling Gorge is the longest and most perilous stretch, characterized by its many shoals and turbulent water.
Close to both sides of the Three Gorges are many scenic spots and places of historic interest, including Baidicheng, the Daning River and Three Little Gorges, Shennong Brook, Qu Yuan Memorial Temple, Zhaojun's hometown, and Sanyou Cave. The Three Gorges Dam is located at the mouth of Xiling Gorge, 38 kilometres away from the Gezhou Dam downstream.

South River Scenic Area Tickets

South River Scenic Area Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: 25RMB
Boats Fee: A boat for 1—10 Persons: 80RMB to Niangniang Cave; 100RMB to QinglongChan Tree; 130RMB to Nongjia Museum; 170RMB to Huanglong Cave
A boat for 10---20 persons: 90RMB to Niangniang Cave; 110RMB to QinglongChan Tree; 140RMB to Nongjia Museum; 190RMB to Huanglong Cave
A boat for 20---30 persons: 110RMB to Niangniang Cave; 130RMB to QinglongChan Tree; 150RMB to Nongjia Museum;220RMB to Huanglong Cave
Opening Hours: Not in Detail

South River Scenic Area Transporation

Take bus from Bus Station at Xiangfan, to Gucheng County, and then take bus “Gucheng----South River”there, it’s about 23 kilometers.

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