Yichang Jiuwan Stream

Yichang Jiuwan Stream

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Yichang Jiuwan Stream

Introduction: IntroductionJiuwan Stream Scenic Area is situated at south bank of Xiling Gorge, 20km away fro..

Tickets:Yichang Jiuwan Stream Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: 165RMB at the week day, and 185RMB at th..

Travel Tips:TipsTips for drifting: The thrilling drift is o­nly for the young visitors of 14—55 year..

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Yichang Jiuwan Stream Introduction

Jiuwan Stream Scenic Area is situated at south bank of Xiling Gorge, 20km away from the Three Gorges Dam. It is the top scenic area in Three Gorges Dam which offers exploration, relaxation and sightseeing.
Jiuwan Stream was o­nce the place where the patriotic poet Qu Yuan used to give lectures. The scenic area is famous for its strange mountains, clear water, glanderous cliffs, odd stones and famous flowers.
The Amusement area of the Jiuwan Stream Scenic Area consists of the water section and land section. The land section starts from the Grand Bridge of Jiuwan Stream and ends at Power Station of Jiuwan Stream. Along the section, there are 10 natural scenic spots including Xiannv Mountain, Jie Valley, Couple Peak, Immortal Cattle Spring, General Rock, Forfex Cliff, and Monk Rock and so o­n. There are also ancient hanging coffins that are valuable for scientific research. Ganxi Valley is still well preserved. Qingzhong Land Slot is well-known for its uncanny workmanship in the world. The Jiuwan Stream Drift is a good place for exploration. You can relax yourself with the simplicity and original natural sighting seeing.
Yichang is in a sub-tropical monsoon zone with four distinct seasons. It enjoys abundant sunshine and rainfall, and the average annual temperature is around 17 C. June and July are the hottest months as well as the rainy season. Winter here is a bit cold - the best seasons for visiting are spring.

Yichang Jiuwan Stream Features

There is a long and beautiful brook which is divided into two parts for drifting.
On the first part, two persons can share a boat drifting down the torrent, and o­n the second part, people can take a sightseeing boat to run across the Jiuwan valley, enjoying some startling sights such as the Land Crack ,Wangfu Stone and the Fairy Mountain. Drifting down the Jiuwanxi Brook, you can experience the flying of the boat. How dangerous and stimulative it is! So the Jiuwanxi Brook is called “the first driftage in the Three Gorges region” by Chinese and foreign tourists. 
Jiuwanxi used to be the place where the great patriotic poet Quyuan gave lectures and planted orchid long long ago. Along the way to Jiuwanxi from Zigui new county town, you can see many natural landscapes such as  Divine Ox Spring, General Rock, Beauty Shinning, Scissors Cliff and  Monk Rock etc. You can also see some cultural landscapes, which are close to Quyuan named Wendianshenjian ( Asking God Stele), Tanbao(Rostrum   Hill),Shenuishi(Divine Tortoise Rock), Juyufang(Huge Fish Rock), Qiuzhibei(Asking for Words Stele), Yanwotai (Ink Stone), Bifengshi( Brush Pen Stone)and  Ganoderma  Rock etc.

Yichang Jiuwan Stream Tickets

Yichang Jiuwan Stream Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: 165RMB at the week day, and 185RMB at the weekend and vacation.
Opening Hours: Not in Detail

Yichang Jiuwan Stream Transporation

Jiuwanxi is located in Maoping Town, Zigui County, Yichang City, Hubei Province.There are bus to Maoping in Yichang bus station, it’s about 70km there, and will take you o­ne and half hours for 15 RMB. And then change for drifting area there.
Self-Drive: Drive from Yichang xiling Yangtze bridge for 2km, turn right for 500m, and turn left at the crossing.Go ahead for 3km, turn left at the crossing for 1km, and turn right for 2km, you will arrive the crossing like “Y”, go ahead for 2km.At the crossing( turn left for 1km, and turn right for 7km at the crossing, you will arrive Sixi scenic area) turn right for 5km to another crossing, and turn left for 500m to o­ne another crossing, and turn right for 700m, also at the crossing turn left( there are sign for Jiuwanxi there), for 28km to the “Y” crossing, and turn left for 28km, go ahead at the crossing for 1km, when to the “Y” crossing, turn right for 3km, you will arrive there.

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