Giant sleeping buddha

Giant sleeping buddha

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Giant sleeping buddha

Introduction: Introduction In the periphery of the Great Buddha in Leshan, there is a "gigantic sleeping Bu..

Tickets:Giant sleeping buddha fee and opening hourTicket: 40 yuanOpening hour: unknown

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Giant sleeping buddha Introduction

In the periphery of the Great Buddha in Leshan, there is a "gigantic sleeping Buddha" with a total length of more than 4000 meters, which is composed of several mountains. This sleeping Buddha has four limbs and distinct outline. It seems as if falling into a profound sleep. It lies at the back and look up at the sky with a dignified and serene carriage. The famous Leshan Great Buddha sits upright at the chest of the gigantic Buddha.
The head, body and feet of the gigantic Buddha is respectively composed of Wuyou Mountain, Lingyun Mountian and Guicheng Mountain. Its head is made up of the whole Wuyou Mountain. The rocks, emerald bamboos, green shades, mountain paths, pavilions, and temples appear respectively as the bob, eyelashes, bridge of the nose, lips and mandible of the gigantic Buddha. Its body is made up of the Lingyun Mountain, o­n which there are nine connected peaks like the broad chest, perfectly round body and strong and handsome legs of the gigantic Buddha. Its feet with a turn-up baseboard are a part of the Guicheng Mountain. The whole posture of the Buddha is very vivid and natural as if created by nature without any traces of artificial work.
On May 11, 1989,  Panhongzhong, a farmer who is from Chonghe town, Shunde county, Guangdong province, travelled to Leshan. He took a photo of the whole scene of Linyun mountain and Wuyou mountain. When he went back home, suddenly he discovered the hill shape is like a man who is o­n his back. . Therefore, he whote the “the discovered record of Leshan giant buddha” which is published for the first time in “Sichuan cultural relic”.
In August, “Leshan newspaper” published the full text of “the discovered record of Leshan giant buddha”. In September, Sichuan cultural bereau sent the study group to Leshan to inspect specially, and then they gave credit for it. The Sichuan daily, People’s Daily. China culture newspaper and other News agencys in domestic reported this discovery.
It is central-Asia tropical climate in Leshan area. Season differs from each other. It has plenty of rainfall and warm during the same period. There is a long time without frost. The annual average temperature is 16.5-18.0℃. It is best to travel here in spring and autumn.

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The mountain of the giant buddha is composed of brick red sandstone. In the later period of Warring State, Libin, a Qing gen, chiseled piles in the mountain, therefore the Wuyou mountain was changed. In Han dynasty, the three mountains are all tombs, there were thousands of cliff tombs . In the Maha cliff tomb, the first cliff buddha image is carved o­n the cliff. In Tang dynasty, the buddhism is prosperous in Wuyou mountain and Linyun Mountain, the Wuyou temple , Linyun temple and Leshan giant buddha were built. It has stately posture, symmetrical proportion and exquisite design with hidden drainage facilities. It is a cultural treasure of the Chinese culture and a precious heritage of the world's history and culture.
The so called 'Giant Sleeping Buddha' lies across Wuyou Mountain, Lingyun Mountain and Guicheng Mountain and it is a marvelous natural spectacle. When viewed from Leshan dock, the outline of the Giant Sleeping Buddha can be clearly seen. The man-made Leshan Maitreya Buddha can be seen seated at the heart of the Giant Sleeping Buddha.

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Giant sleeping buddha fee and opening hour
Ticket: 40 yuan
Opening hour: unknown

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There are many regular buses from Chengdu to Leshan giant buddha at New south gate bus station, the ticket is about 34 to 36 yuan. You can go there by taxi, the fare is about 6 yuan, or take a ferry at the Leshan port, the ticket is 1 yuan.

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