Jinci's inscription Stele

Jinci's inscription Stele

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Jinci's inscription Stele

Introduction: Introduction:It is namely inscription and preamble stele of Jinci temple, located in Jinci Zhe..

Tickets:Jinci's inscription Stele fee and Opening hour:Please consult the staff there.

Travel Tips:Tips:As the local coal mines is rich, the wind often with black sand, so you'd better ta..

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Jinci's inscription Stele Introduction

It is namely inscription and preamble stele of Jinci temple, located in Jinci Zhenguan Bao Han pavilion. It was be written by Emperor Taizong in Tang dynasty at that time. The Monument is 195 cm high, 120 cm wide, 27 cm thick. In the square book of the first seat is a flying white writings, indicated it was the time "Zhenguan twentieth lunar January the twenty-sixth".  It is when Li Yuan and his son Li Shimin started the war in Taiyuan, after the establishment of the Tang Dynasty they rewarded the mercy of the God Shuyu. The inscriptions praise Zongzhou Tang and Shu Yu of their governance and strategy andpromote govenment of Tang Dynasty, with a view to consolidating Tang Dynasty royal family's political power.

Jinci's inscription Stele Features

The full text has 1203 words, the typefont is  running script, straight, free and flying, just as a model of running script. This inscriptions advance political thought "Zhenguan of government" o­n how to build a prosperous nation. There are also general recapitulation o­n "Jinci inscription" by famous poet Du Fu's. "The article through the ages, a state a covering."

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Jinci's inscription Stele fee and Opening hour:
Please consult the staff there.

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Buses, trams-based, 24-hour taxi can be seen everywhere in the city. For foreign tourists, it will be very important for foreign tourists to master the special tour line and transfer method. Bus fare in the urban area is 1.00 yuan, and it charges by section in the suburbans. The basic charge of taxi is 6 yuan for the first three kilometers, and 5 yuan/km for the exceeding.

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