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Yingze Park

Introduction: Introduction:Yingze Park got its name because it is near old city gate of Taiyuan. It is sit..

Tickets:Yingze Park Fee and Open Time:Free for Full day

Travel Tips:Tips:As the local coal mines is rich, the wind often blows with black sand, so you'd bet..

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Yingze Park Introduction

Yingze Park got its name because it is near old city gate of Taiyuan. It is situated at the central part of Yingze Street, is the biggest, integrated park area for relaxation and recreation in central Taiyuan.
Its entire area is 666,900 square meters and the water surface of Yingze Lake covers o­ne third of the entire area. Yingze Lake is divided into north, south and middle parts. The east of middle lake has wood construction of 150 meters long, which has evident folk style. The south of middle lake is full of artificial hills. The bridge crosses Yingze Lake and yachts embellish the lake.
There are many arbors in the park, which has fancy names. It has Xiuyi Pavilion by the east bank of north lake, Lotus Pavilion by Cauliflower Pool, Scape Pavilion near west gate, Rose Pavilion near orchard and so o­n. The old building Library of Scriptures is rather elegant, which was built in Jin dynasty, was moved here from other place, adding primitive flavor to Yingze Park.
It has flower exhibition, painting show, swimming, rowing and skate land in summer. You can skate and see snow in winter. It has Children’s land in the park, where various entertainment activities are held casually.

Yingze Park Features

The main building Library of Scriptures, lies in the center of the park is rather spectacular, various bridges, corridors, pavilions, shed and sculptures are distributed in the park. The flower exhibition hall, calligraphy and painting showing hall, miniature garden and peony garden and rose garden are built. Besides, tennis court, minisized golf yard and carnie were built. It provides an ideal place of leisure, entertainment, cultural and sport activities for the citizens.

Yingze Park Tickets

Yingze Park Fee and Open Time:
Free for Full day

Yingze Park Transporation

Take bus 1, 6 at railway station, get off at Youth Road, towards Yingze Park. Or you can get off at Gymnasium, enter the park from the south gate of park, there are two entrances o­n Liberation Road and several entrances at Youth Road.

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