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Zishou Temple

Introduction: Introduction:The Zishou Temple, originally called Suxi Temple, is situated in the west of Suxi..

Tickets:The Zishou Temple Fee and Opening Hours:Admission Fee: RMB 15 yuan/person, RMB 20 yuan for o..

Travel Tips:Tips:1. The exquisite walls, flowered doors and folding screens in the gorgeous family mansion..

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Zishou Temple Introduction

The Zishou Temple, originally called Suxi Temple, is situated in the west of Suxi Village in the Lingshi County of Shanxi Province. It was first built over 1,100 years ago and comprises 15 halls and buildings o­n 15,000 square meters, such as the Classics Collection building, the Buddhist Hall Courtyard, the Buddhist Abbot's Courtyard and the Bell and Drum Building.
Enjoying a temperate continental monsoon climate, Jinzhong has dry and chilly winter, torrid and wet summer. Its annual average temperature falls around 9 degree centigrade (48.2 degree Fahrenheit). o­n the whole, its rainfall mainly concentrates o­n summer. As to the spatial distribution, the rainfall in southeast Jinzhong is more than that in the northwest.  Autumn is the most ideal period to visit Jinzhong.  

Zishou Temple Features

Public Buddhist worship and ceremonies have been actively held in the temple since ancient times, but Zishou Temple is famous mainly for its large Ming Dynasty frescoes and colourful sculptures of the 18 Buddhist Saints. Zishou was rated a National Cultural Relic Preservation Unit in 2001 and is included in the "Dictionary of Scenic Spots in China".

Zishou Temple Tickets

The Zishou Temple Fee and Opening Hours:
Admission Fee: RMB 15 yuan/person, RMB 20 yuan for o­ne tour guide
For the opening hours, please refer to the staff.

Zishou Temple Transporation

The Zishou Temple is 142 kilometers away from Taiyuan City. After arrive Taiyuan by train or air, you can take the bus from Taiyuan to Lingshi County and get off in the crossing near the Zishou Temple. It would cost you 15 minutes from the crossing to the Zishou Temple by foot.

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