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Xiaoyaojin Park

Introduction: Introduction:Located at the northeastern corner of Hefei old urban area, Xiaoyaojin Park is a ..

Tickets:The fee and opening hours:You are free to travel in xiaoyao jin park.The particular opening t..

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Xiaoyaojin Park Introduction

Located at the northeastern corner of Hefei old urban area, Xiaoyaojin Park is a multi-function park with various service facilities, pleasant environment and beautiful scenery. It was an ancient battlefield in the Three Kingdoms Period and regarded o­ne of the top 10 scenic spots.
In 215 A.D., the brave general Zhang Liao, who led a crack troop of 7,000 cavalry, defeated an army of 100,000 men from the Wu Kingdom. The king of the Wu Kingdom spurred his horse to fly over a broken bridge at the western ferry and fled. There is a vivid description about this battle in Chapter 67 of the novel “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”——“Cao Cao conquers Hangzhong; Zhangliao Prevails at Xiaoyao Ford”.
The park covers an area of 31.3 hectares, of which water area accounts for 11.2 hectares. After many years of strenuous construction and maintenance, the park is turned into a fan-shaped layout, divided by the water system into east part and west part.
The east part, with vast water area and large lawns, is mainly for young people to amuse themselves in playground, cultural area and the zoo. Here we have Xiaoyao (carefree) Pavilion, Dujin (ferry) Bridge, Xiaoyao Villa, Xiaoyao Lake, a statue to Zhang Liao (a general of Wei Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms Period), Children's Playground, Amusement Park, Lawn Square, Culture Corridor, and various kinds of service facilities such as restaurants and teahouses. 
The west part, with interwoven rivulets and undulating topography, is rather a serene place for people to relax. View changes here with every step of your move in the tranquil path while you are enjoying the green shade of trees, beautiful garden houses and corridors. Plants are the major sight here, with additional ornamental and gardening articles. Trees, rockeries, architectures and waters are integrated together, working out a rich-colored picture with many attractions like Waterside Pavilion, Meihua (plum blossom), Hill Peony Garden, Cangyou (secluded) Garden, Zhang Liao's Cenotaph and some showrooms.
You can travel in Hefei all of the season, the place is eminent for its natural scenery and its numerous historic site. The best season travel to Hefei is from April to October. Hefei is situated in the transitional area from sub-tropics zone to temperate zone. It has mild and humid climate with clear-cut season divisions. The annual average temperature of the whole province reaches 13 to 16 degrees centigrade. It has rich rainfall with an annual average of 700-1,200 mm. But there are distinctive differences among areas, with the east more than west, south more than north.
The major natural calamities in Hefei are drought、water logging、cold current、low temperature、 rainy、late spring coldness、heavy wind and late frost.

Xiaoyaojin Park Features

In the court of the ancestral shrine, there seats a statue of Bao Zheng which is 8 chi (a longitudinal unit in China, and 1 meter is 3 chi) high, while the statues of Wang Chao, Ma Han, Zhang Long and Zhao Hu stand in both sides. There are also three cutters in the shape of the dragon head, the tiger head and the dog head. In the chambers of both sides, there display the excavations from the Baogong’s Grave, including the Lessons and the family tree of Bao clan. There is a well in Liujiao Pavilion which locates to the east of the shrine. And it was said that corrupt officials would suffer a splitting headache o­nce they drank the well water and that’s why the well is called "Righteous Spring". The tombs for Bao Zheng and his wife and his offspring lie in the conifer woods which has an area of 3 hectares and locates to the southeast of the Baohe River.
The new Baogong Culture Park was reconstructed o­n the basis of the original Baohe River Park to memorize the 1000th anniversary of Bao Zheng's death. Except the Baogong Ancestral Shrine and the Baogong Grave, there built many other new scenery spots, such as the Qing Tian (Qing Tian means heaven in ancient China) Pavilion, Baogong Museum, Virtue Square, and Fountain and so o­n. The whole scenery spot is solemn and respectful with excellent surroundings.  


Xiaoyaojin Park Tickets

The fee and opening hours:
You are free to travel in xiaoyao jin park.
The particular opening time need to consult the manager.

Xiaoyaojin Park Transporation

Take bus 2、15、123、136、137、143、155、162、166、168、801 to xiaoyao jin park.

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