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Sanhe town

Introduction: Introduction:Sanhe town lies in the Feixi county, Hefei city, is 300 kilometer from the cente..

Tickets:Sanhe town fee and the opening time:The particular opening time need to consult the mana

Travel Tips:Tips:Hefei is the capital of Anhui, you can buy the Anhui regional local products and the han..

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Sanhe town Introduction

Sanhe town lies in the Feixi county, Hefei city, is 300 kilometer from the center of Hefei city. It acquires the fame because of Fengle River, Hangbu River, and had more than 2500 years history now. The small town is already exist since the Spring and Autumn Period Warring States time. Sanhe town is a typical town of river. And the scene of here is the same beauty to zhouzhuang.
You can travel in Hefei all of the season, the place is eminent for its natural scenery and its numerous historic site. The best season travel to Hefei is from April to October. Hefei is situated in the transitional area from sub-tropics zone to temperate zone. It has mild and humid climate with clear-cut season divisions. The annual average temperature of the whole province reaches 13 to 16 degrees centigrade. It has rich rainfall with an annual average of 700-1,200 mm. But there are distinctive differences among areas, with the east more than west, south more than north.
The major natural calamities in Hefei are drought、water logging、cold current、low temperature、 rainy、late spring coldness、heavy wind and late frost.

Sanhe town Features

The culture of food in Sanhe town is very developed. People there have o­ne or two adept food whether is the man or woman. Therefore, the rustic food in Sanhe town is very famous that many restaurant in Hefei city is named by Sanhe. But if you want to eat the pure rustic food, you had better go to Sanhe town.
Sanhe town is a very valuable town for you to travel, the beauty there is very out of the ordinary. The people there is very friendly and things are very cheap. You can see the building built in Ming Qing dynasty everywhere, and the buildings can take you beauty feel. Nearby the scene there is a river. The water is very clear and you can see the fish in the river.
That is beautiful place, which have beauty people, beauty food, beauty history and beauty culture.

Sanhe town Tickets

Sanhe town fee and the opening time:
The particular opening time need to consult the manager.

Sanhe town Transporation

The rental car start by 6 Yuan /2.5 kilometers, at night (23:00-05:00) start by 7.2 Yuan /2.5 kilometers; After surpassing the datum distance in kilometer, Xia Li each kilometer spend 1 Yuan, at night each kilometer spend 1.2 Yuan; Sangtana, Fukang each kilometer spend 1.2 Yuan, at night each kilometer spend 1.44 Yuan.

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