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Moya Cliff Stone

Introduction: Introduction:Tianzhu mountain has lot of cliff stones, and the rare stones of Donghan, wei dy..

Tickets:Moya Cliff Stone fee and the opening time:The fee and the particular opening time need to cons..

Travel Tips:Tips:1.  The fee dose not conclude the tickets of the cable car. The first ropeway: up ..

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Moya Cliff Stone Introduction

Tianzhu mountain has lot of cliff stones, and the rare stones of Donghan, wei dynasty was the calligraphy art treasures of China, they are also the model that the calligraphy changed from lishu to kaishu. And it was announced by the State Council for the state-level key Cultural relic preservation organ.
You can travel to Tianzhu Mountain in all the four seasons, but the annual spring, summer, autumn is best season to travel. There are carved letter o­n the top of the stone which was carved by Luowen in Jiaqing years in Ming dynasty.
Tianzhu Mountain is the sub-tropical monsoon climate in the North with dense forests, quiet environment, the winter is warm and the summer is cool. It is a good place for summer resort. The average annual temperature is low, about 9.5℃. The maximum temperature in summer over the year is 29 ℃, the minimum temperature in the winter over the year is -13.4 ℃. The annual range in the year is small, normally 22.3 ℃. The sunshine hours in Tianzhu mountain is short, the average annual sunshine time is more than 2,000 hours. There are  more clouds, fog in a year. The annual average time may account for two-thirds, about 250 days, up to 300 days, at least 200 days. Rime in Tianzhu mountain always occurs in more than 1,000 meters above sea level. And it is always appears from October to May in the following year.
Over the years Tianzhu Mountain had the highest average precipitation up to 1900 mm, a maximum in the number of days of rainfall is up to 150 days. Daily precipitation is equal to or greater than 10 mm in the number of days to 55 days.
The summer has the longest rainy days in a year, and the second long season is spring, the third long season is autumn, and the shortest is winter. Tianzhu Mountain has the "plum rains" period. The average “plum rains” period is about 24 days.
Tianzhu mountain always appears thunderstorms, especially o­n July and August, an average of nearly 50 in a years. There are 6 months can seen the snow in a year. The snow period is from November to March in the following year.

Moya Cliff Stone Features

The first Jianghuai Hill - Tianzhu Mountain has been famous in more than 1,000 years ago, and was since named as Nanyue.
The natural scenery is magnificent, and the culture is breadth and depth. Cliff in the mountains around the stone are carved with letters and pictures. And it is the birthplace of Taoism.
Tianzhu mountain has lush vegetation, abundant products, and amazing scenery. It was famous by his strange stone, spring, waterfall, cliff, the sea of cloud, and so o­n.
Tianzhu mountain has different kinds of peaks for 45. Tianzhu mountain has lots of quarry stones. You can see spring, waterfall, river and lake everywhere. There are about 10 cavity in the dense forest, and the largest is the Goddess of Mercy hole which can conclude several thousand people. The canyon is criss-crossing, surreptitious wound, and the “Tianzhuyijue” is the most surprising risk o­ne. And there are 54 caverns in the bottom of the valley.  The cloud staggered around, even the hole-hole, hole-set, linked to the hole. People who travel in this narrow cavern can o­nly creeping.
The amazing Qi-Song Zhu Hai, constitute the beauty scenery of Tianzhu mountain. The alternating flashes of the sea of clouds, Buddha, the sunrise and other more beauty scenery make Tianzhu mountain more beautiful.

Moya Cliff Stone Tickets

Moya Cliff Stone fee and the opening time:
The fee and the particular opening time need to consult the attractions staff.

Moya Cliff Stone Transporation

There are two cable cars in Tianzhu mountain for the travel to up and down the mountain, is really convenient. The road before the mountain is about 26.2 kilometers long. The road between Mazu hut and Tea village is about 5.7 kilometers long. And there are several travel bus for the tourists to go and back. And the road back the mountain has been reached River bridge, and is about 29 kilometers long. The road from Dufu to Longtan is about 9 kilometers long. And there are also several travel bus for the tourists.

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