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Ersheng Palace

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Ersheng Palace

Introduction: Introduction:People afterward in order to memory the torist of the two uncles of Jinjueqiao, b..

Tickets:Ersheng Palace fee and the opening time:Th opening time is from 8:00am to 5:30pm.

Travel Tips:Tips:The highest peak of Jiuhua Mountain is Shiwang peak, it was 1342 meters high, it was no..

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Ersheng Palace Introduction

People afterward in order to memory the torist of the two uncles of Jinjueqiao, built a temple for them at the foot of moutain. This is the Ersheng palace.
The two Sages in the palace wears the black gauze, the court dress, the waist ties the jade belt, full pedal boot. They are 7 feet high, with plentiful face, the black three wind beard nearly get the chest. Their eyes are brighting the wisdom ray. And they looks like a twins.
Jiuhua Mountain belongs to the north tropical humid zone monsoon climate. The average temperature is about 13.4℃. And there is more rainy day; the duration of sunshine o­n the top is shorter than that o­n the foot of the mountain. The season in Jiuhua Mountain is different, the summer is later, and the autumn is earlier, the summer is shorter, the winter is longer.
You can travel to Jiuhua Mountain all the time in a year. But the best time is summer and autumn. The Spring of Jiuhua Mountain is very beautiful. The cloud is 90 to 400 meters high, even got to 1000 meters high. o­n the summit of the Jiuhua Mountain, you can see the cloud sea. The Jiuhau Mountain has the fog year to year, especially in spring and summer. Sometimes the dense fog, drizzles, and low clouds interred together. In the autumn and winter, tourist can hear the song which is sang by the pine.

Ersheng Palace Features

In the past, lots of Buddhism believers went to Jiuhua mouintain to worship. Ersheng palace is their first stop.
The so-called Ersheng just the Zhougong and Kongzi, not the two mythical characters in the history. It was said that Jinqiaojue is the aristocrat of Xinguo country. His uncle also the aristocrats too. Jinqiaojue practice himself in Jiuhua Mountain, and establish the Temple. People from all over the sea came to follow him. But life in the forest is impoverished, he always cook the food with rice and earth. His mother loved him seriously, and ask his uncle came to look after him.
The door of the Ersheng Palace face to the road to the mountain, and the Dragon crag brook flow from southeast. The environment there is so lonesome and quiet.
In the past, there is several assembly in Wannan area: the assembly of Ersheng. Also named “Dizang assembly”. People provide money and food to memory the two uncles.

Ersheng Palace Tickets

Ersheng Palace fee and the opening time:
Th opening time is from 8:00am to 5:30pm.

Ersheng Palace Transporation

The Temple was located in Ersheng village which situated in the east side of Jiudu River. Just beside the Buddha light road.

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