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Peach Blossoms Pond

Introduction: IntroductionIn Jingxian County in southern Anhui is a mountain brook named Jing Stream which ma..

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Peach Blossoms Pond Introduction

In Jingxian County in southern Anhui is a mountain brook named Jing Stream which makes its way meanderingly in the depths of the mountains, now swiftly and now placidly. Wrapped in a shroud of mystery, the blue mountains and limpid rivers here have since ancient times attracted large numbers of pleasure-seekers. Of the many picturesque sights in the region, the most fascinating is known as Tao'Hua'Tan or the Peach Blossoms Pond which, located in the upper reaches of Jing Stream, is the meeting point of several mountain brooks. In the serenely limpid waters of the pond, fish that are playfully darting about are clearly visible. The scenery is suggestive of poetry and painting and its allure simply irresistible.
The city enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate, enjoying four distinct seasons and abundant precipitation. Of the four seasons, summer is the longest. Its annual average temperature falls round 15.6C (60.1F). Most of the rainfall occurs in summer. The plum rain season lasts from mid-June to early July. Xuancheng is favorable for traveling all the year round, especially in May, July, August and October.

Peach Blossoms Pond Features

There is a story of how Li Bai was firs lured to the spot. There was a local squire named Wang Lun who was widely known for his hospitality and generosity. He had long been an admirer of Li'Bai's poetic works and hoped to make the latter's acquaintance. When he learnt that the poet was hoping to make a visit to the Peach Blossoms Pond, he wrote a letter of invitation without delay. In the letter, he said:
I have heard say that you like to go sightseeing.
Well, the Peach Blossoms here extend mile upon mile.
I also know that you are very fond of wine.
Well, Everybody's Home here is a tavern…
Delighted, Li Bai came to visit with Wang Lun. It was o­nly then that the host said to him, "When I said in my letter that Peach Blossoms here extend mile upon mile, I was referring to the name of the pond. There are actually no peach blossoms here. When I said that Everybody's Home is a tavern, I was referring to the name of the local tavern whose name o­n the signboard, you will see, is Everybody's home!" At these words, Li Bai laughed heartily and stayed o­n fore some time in Wang Lun's home. During the stay, he went boating o­n the Peach Blossoms Pond, enjoying the charming scenery and watching fish darting about. In a poem dedicated to Wang Lun, he described the glorious scenery of the pond in the following lines:
I watch the fish frolickingly at play in the pond,
The limpid waters the trees casting shadows o­n.
In the sunset glow I see scales gleaming purple,
All around me are ripples rippling gently round.

Before Li Bai's departure, Wang Lun showed his generosity again by giving him eight thorough-bred horses and ten bolts of fine silk as present. What was even more touching was that he joined the local inhabitants in a farewell ceremony called ta'ge or singing and dancing before saying goodbye. This Wang Lun and the local people did until Li Bai reached the ferry. So touched was the poet with this show of friendliness that later he composed the following poem which, entitled "The Peach Blossoms Pond", has gained lasting fame as o­ne generation reads it after another:
Getting o­n board my boat just before setting sail,
My ears were greeted suddenly wit music from ashore,
One thousand feet deep the Peach Blossoms Pond may be,
Still not as deep as the love of Wang Lun for me.
The last two lines, a full reflection of Li Bai's gratitude for Wang Lun, have since been quoted often by friends or relatives at the time they say goodbye to their hosts.

Peach Blossoms Pond Tickets

Peach Blossoms Pond Fee and Opening Hours
Ticket: RMB 30
Opening Hours: Please consult the staff

Peach Blossoms Pond Transporation

Bus from Jingxian County to Peach Blossoms Pond, RMB 8/per.
Taxi, about RMB70.

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