Mengbishenghua Peak

Mengbishenghua Peak

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Mengbishenghua Peak

Introduction: IntroductionMengBiShengHua is located in front of the North Sea hotel, northeast of Yellow Moun..

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Travel Tips:Tips1. For biological protection, peaks in Mt. Huangshan may be closed down from time to time..

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Mengbishenghua Peak Introduction

MengBiShengHua is located in front of the North Sea hotel, northeast of Yellow Mountain and close to the Bijia Peak. The elevation is 1,640 meters. A stone stood lifting and outstanding with a round bottom cuspate top, like a brush pen used for calligraphers.
Huangshan is beautiful all year round. In spring (March to May), all flowers blossom, pines turn green and the birds sing beautifully. Summer (June-August) is the best time to appreciate the pines and prevent sunstroke. In autumn (September to November), tourists can see the pines, rocks, maples and chrysanthemum. In winter tourists could admire the snow and the rimed trees. When the weather is fine, you could view the grotesque rocks, when it is cloudy, you can appreciate the changing clouds, when it rains, you could see the springs and waterfalls, when it snows, you could see the crystal tree and Rimed tree, when it is windy, you could listen to the sound made by the swinging pines. You could be satisfied in any kind of weather.

Mengbishenghua Peak Features

There is an ancient pine tree between the gaps of the peak summit windingly with shade, like fresh flower in full bloom. A stone resembling a sleeping person was found here. Therefore this scenery is called "MengBiShengHua”, which means “dream pen flower blossoms” and is an important scenic area for Huangshan Mountain.
Xiang Fu from the Qing dynasty wrote a poem agreeing o­n this. "The stone bone ridge meteorology is different, the dragon pine weaves the green jade brocade shop. The natural fresh flowered pen, writes the high peak to enter into the painting."
The pine tree dried up at the beginning of the 70’s and now stood the plastic imitation pine tree. The Rise Peak is nearby the Pen Peak.

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Mengbishenghua Peak Fee and Opening Hours
please consult the staff

Mengbishenghua Peak Transporation

Taxi: the flag-fall price of taxi in Huangshan city is¥5, and ¥1.5 per kilometers after 3 kilometers. There are many rickshaws in front of the station pricing ¥2 per person, and it takes o­nly 6 to 7 minutes from the railway station to Tunxi Road by taxi.

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