The Resident of Fangbao

The Resident of Fangbao

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The Resident of Fangbao

Introduction: Introduction:Fengliyi is located in the Longmiandonglu in the urban area. Fangbao always lived..

Tickets:The Resident of Fangbao fee and the opening time:The fee and the opening hour need to consult..

Travel Tips:TipsAnqing, also named “Yicheng”, is located in south Anhui Province and the northern bank a..

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The Resident of Fangbao Introduction

Fengliyi is located in the Longmiandonglu in the urban area. Fangbao always lived here when he back home or visit friend. Fang bao is a well-known writer in the Qing Dynasty, the founder of Tongcheng School. He was named as the first in Jiangdong when he was 24 years old. His famous work is The Complete Works of Wang Fang River.
The resident of Fang yizhi is located in the lane of Fengyili, was also named as Tingweidi. It was since the resident of his grandfather Fang dazhen. Then was named as Xiaosa garden by his grandson Fang zhengyuan. The center part is about 1221.6 square meters. There are three entrances in the resident.
Fang yizhi was o­ne of the sons in Ming dynasty. The other three are Mao xiang, Chen zhenhui, Hou fangyu. Fang yizhi has the work of , < Small physical knowledge>, .
The best season travel to Anqing is autumn. Weather in autumn always fine and the temperature is comfortable. There will hold the Huangmei Opera art festival in the early November.
Anqing is located in the north side of Yangtze river. The four seasons are distinct, the spring is warm and the fall is cool, has few frost and snow. The annual temperature is about16℃.  Bring your umbrella when go out since the spring is rainy. More sunny day in summer, the annual mean violent high temperature is approximately 37℃. The parasol and the sun block lotion are essential. The weather in autumn is comfortable and suitable to travel. There are few snow in winter, but still need pay attention to maintain warmth.
The Huangmei Opera is the main local drama in Anhui Province. And Anqing has held the Huangmei Opera art festival for three times successfully.

The Resident of Fangbao Features

Anqing is famous for it is the hometown of Huangmei opera. The whole city has the specialized Huangmei Opera theater, the Huangmei Opera school. Huangmei opera has great influence domestic and even has great flame abroad. Therefore watches Anqing's Huangmei Opera is o­ne of essential projects in the tourist.
Anhui opera: it is originated from Anqing. And in the early Ming dynasty, Anhui opera was famous for its superb acting. In the Qing dynasty, Anhui opera absorb the advantages of other operas and rich it self. In the process from emerging of Anhui opera to the formation of Beijing opera, there appears lots of famous actors, such as Gao langting, Hao tianxiu and Cheng changgeng.

The Resident of Fangbao Tickets

The Resident of Fangbao fee and the opening time:
The fee and the opening hour need to consult the spot staff.

The Resident of Fangbao Transporation

It's convenient by taxi, the basic charge is 4 yuan for the first 2km, and 1 yuan/km (air displacement 1300cc-) or 1.2 yuan/km (air displacement 1300cc+) for the additional.

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