Shengjin lake Nature Reserve

Shengjin lake Nature Reserve

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Shengjin lake Nature Reserve

Introduction: Shengjin lake Nature Reserve has mild temperature with a long frost-free period, low populatio..

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Shengjin lake Nature Reserve Introduction

Shengjin lake Nature Reserve has mild temperature with a long frost-free period, low population density and little environmental pollution .In the lake, there are 66 kinds of fishes, 18 kinds of mollusks and 62 kinds of plants growing in water and wetlands. The crap discharged by a large number of migrant birds supplements the fertility of the lake, which enables the plants grow more flourishingly. At the same time, it promotes the growth of fishes and mollusks. Thus, the ecological system of the wetlands takes o­n a beneficial cycle. The beautiful environment and adequate bait have attracted many rare aquatic birds to feed and spend their winter here. According to the statistics, there are 103 kinds of autumn and winter birds and over 70kinds of aquatic birds stop by to spend the winter.

Shengjin lake Nature Reserve Features

There are national first-class animals of key protection such as white-head crane, white crane, white stork, black stork, yellow beaked egret, bustard, golden eagle , white-shouldered eagle; national second-class animals of key protection such as white-necked crane, grey crane, white pipa egret, little swan, white-foreheaded wild geese, white-tailed kite, kestrel, black kite and grass hawk . Every year, the white-headed cranes and oriental white cranes coming here to spend their winter respectively take up o­ne third and o­ne eighth of the total number of wild animals in China. There are 6 kinds of cranes and storks that take up o­ne half of that of the whole country.

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