Yuanmou Earth Forest

Yuanmou Earth Forest

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Yuanmou Earth Forest

Introduction: Actually, the earth of Yuanmou Earth Forest is rock, a kind of sand rock mixed with clay. It..

Tickets:The Xin Hua Earth Forest is huge, thick and quite rich in color. As for the most of the eart..

Travel Tips:The earth forest is formed by extensive rock layers through a long period of erosion. Weak par..

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Yuanmou Earth Forest Introduction

Actually, the earth of Yuanmou Earth Forest is rock, a kind of sand rock mixed with clay. It has yellow color and loose texture. The rocks are seriously weathered thus their surface looks very much like earth. The yellow rocks gleam under the sunlight as if they are built with gold. Larger o­nes are like castle while smaller o­nes are like pylon, in various shapes. Really magnificent! The earth forest is widespread in Yuanmou Basin. Different areas have different features due to extent they have been weathered and eroded. The three notable scenic sites are Tiger Leaping Sands, Ban Guo and Xin Hua. Each of them has its own distinguishing feature.

Yuanmou Earth Forest Features

The Tiger Leaping Sands is considered as the most spectacular site of the earth forests in Yuanmou. Seen from beyond, the rocks are like a deserted ancient castle. The forceful tall and straight rock pillar appears to be remains of a shrine. And the range of rock wall seems to be the enclosure wall of the ancient palace. What is the most peculiar is o­n the top of the 'castle', there is a three-color 'roof' - in red, brown and black. That is because after the rock was permeated by the rain, the ferum and calcium substances coagulated into a impermeable layer; when the other parts was eroded, this layer naturally protruded and became un 'umbrella' of the rocks below. Just because of this umbrella, the 'castle' has been well preserved.

Yuanmou Earth Forest Tickets

The Xin Hua Earth Forest is huge, thick and quite rich in color. As for the most of the earth pillars here, they are purple o­n the top, grey-and-white in the middle and yellow at the root. Under different lights, the earth pillars turn out into more colors, just like a naturally-formed abstract painting. Such wonderful color show profits from the rich minerals in the rock. Under the weathering of wind and rain, various minerals dye the rocks into a riot of color.

Yuanmou Earth Forest Transporation

Covering an area of 14 square kilometers (3,459 acres), the Ban Guo site is the largest earth forest in Yuanmou. The forest here is mainly in form of separate pillars, scattered in a sparse way. Rocks in Ban Guo contain minerals like agate plate that can reflect light. So the earth forest here sparkles glaring light as if the rocks are beset with countless gems. 

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