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Bitahai Lake

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Bitahai Lake

Introduction: As the highest lake in Yunnan Province, Bitahai Lake lies in the east of Shangri-La County of..

Tickets:Bitahai Lake is a place of legends. When o­ne is here, o­ne can find that even a tr..

Travel Tips:Admission Fee: CNY 30 RecommendedTime for a Visit: Two hours

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Bitahai Lake Introduction

As the highest lake in Yunnan Province, Bitahai Lake lies in the east of Shangri-La County of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, and is over 3500 meters (about 3828 yards) above sea level. Covering an area of about 159 hectares (around 393 acres) with an average depth of 20 meters (about 22 yards), Bitahai Lake is famous for its limpid water and its beautiful scenery which is set against the mountains and forests surrounding it.

Bitahai Lake Features

Bitahai Lake is widely recognized as 'A Pearl o­n the Plateau' and the most attractive lake in Shangri-La. Legend has it that a goddess dropped her mirror carelessly to the earth when she was making up. The mirror was broken into pieces and they became lakes o­n the plateau. Among these pieces, the most beautiful piece with green jade turned into today's Bitahai Lake.

In the center of the lake stands an islet shaped like a boat sailing in the lake. The islet is 30 meters (about 33 yards) above the water level, and is covered with rare plants and also includes spruces and rhododendrons. Here, birds twitter happily and flowers release their pleasant fragrances. When stepping o­n the islet, o­ne feels as if they are arriving at Xanadu, and tourists have frequently remarked about how they have felt intoxicated by the aura, beauty and tranquility.

Bitahai Lake Tickets

Bitahai Lake is a place of legends. When o­ne is here, o­ne can find that even a tree or a hill around the lake has a story. It is not o­nly a feast to the eye, but also enhances our sense of beauty and our imagination.

Bitahai Lake Transporation

Bitahai Lake is fringed with rhododendrons of various varieties, which adds to the beauty of the lake. Every year around June and July, petals of the rhododendrons fall o­nto the lake surface with the wind. When passing fish eat these rhododendron petals (which are slightly poisonous) they can be seen o­n their backs with their white bellies exposed as they float upside-down amongst the petals as if they are drunk. It is now the best-known sight of Bitahai Lake. It is also said that in the past bears in the nearby mountains often came out in the moonlight to catch these intoxicated fish.

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