Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall

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Badaling Great Wall

Introduction: IntroductionThe Badaling Great Wall locates in the northwest of the Beijing. It extends in all..

Tickets:Badaling Great Wall fee and opening hoursAdmission 45yuan, 22.5yuan/studentRopeway return 60yua..

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please protect facilities in the resort and keep the environment and do not leave rubbis..

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Badaling Great Wall Introduction

The Badaling Great Wall locates in the northwest of the Beijing. It extends in all directions which is the reason why it is called Badaling.The name of Badaling, can be read in the oldest poem "Visit Badaling in the Night" that wrote by Jin Dynasty poet LiuYing and "Come out Badaling". In the Yuan Dynasty, it was called as "North mountain pass", which is comparative to the "South mountain pass". The South mountain pass locates in the Changping county, between them is a gorge which extends 20 kilomitres and be called "Juyong Gate", this gorge is called "GuanGou". The Badaling Great Wall locates o­n the ridge of the northern part of the GuanGou. Here, two peaks face to face, there is a alley between them two, it's a very strategic place. Look down the JuYong Gate from the Badaling, it looks like a well.

Badaling Great Wall Features

Badaling became a very important military strategic place since the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC - 476 BC) and the Warring States Period (476 BC - 221 BC). Many incomplete parts of the wall were proved to be built in the Warring States Period.Badaling was the earliest section to be open to the tourists among all the parts of the whole Great Wall. 130 million tourists from China and abroad have visited Badaling; 370 foreign leaders and very important persons have come to climb Badaling successively.The Great Wall is o­ne of the wonders of the world that was created by human being! If you come to China without climbing The Great Wall,just as well as you come to Paris without visiting The Iron Tower,come to Egypt without visiting The pyramids! Man often say:"The man who have not climbed The Great Wall is not the true man." Do you know the history of The Great Wall.

Badaling Great Wall Tickets

Badaling Great Wall fee and opening hours
Admission 45yuan, 22.5yuan/student
Ropeway return 60yuan
Opening hours 6:30-19:00(summer), 7:00-18:00(winter)

Badaling Great Wall Transporation

Take tour bus 1, 5 or take 919 at Deshengmenwai.
Drive: Beijing North Three Ring—Madian Bridge—Badaling Expressway—entrance of Badaling—go ahead along with the road sign.

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