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Introduction: Dongting Lake, the second largest fresh water lakes in China, is located in northeastern Hunan..

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Dongting Lake Introduction

Dongting Lake, the second largest fresh water lakes in China, is located in northeastern Hunan with an extensive catchment area including the whole of Hunan and parts of the neighboring provinces, Hubei, Sichuan and Guizhou. Also known as the 800-hundred-li Dongting Lake, it connects the Yangtze River to the north and the Xiangjiang River, Zi River, Yuan River, and Feng River to the south. As described by the name Dongting (the abode of fairies and immortals), the lake has fascinating scenery, with the most famous feature of lake in lake, hill in lake.
The area is well-known in Chinese history and literature. Dragon boat racing is said to have begun o­n the eastern shores of Dongting Lake as a search for the body of Qu Yuan, the Chu poet (340-278 BC), and a dragon-king is said to live at the bottom of the lake.
Junshan Mountain, which was formerly a Daoist retreat, is a famous o­ne-kilometer island with 72 peaks in the middle of the lake. The island is also famous for its Junshan Yinzhen tea. The basin of Dongting Lake and its surrounding area is famous for its scenic beauty, which has been encapsulated in the phrase (Hunan of the Xiao and Xiang rivers).
The scenery of the Jiuyi Mountains and of the Xiao and Xiang rivers below is often mentioned in Chinese poetry. During the Song Dynasty, it became the fashion to paint this region's scenery in a set of eight scenes, usually entitled as Eight Views of the Xiao and Xiang. The fashion spread to Japan, where eventually other famous places were substituted for the Xiao and Xiang rivers.
Reputed as a land flowing with milk and honey, the Dongting Lake abounds in top-grade products, including the Silver Needle Tea, the Pearl Rice, and rare food from river such as clam, mud eel, Dongting crab, and salangid. The Lotus Lake, embraced in the Dongting Lake, is famous for the well-known Xiang Lotus, o­ne kind of rare lotus with plump seeds and crisp flesh.
Because Dongting Lake acts as a tremendous natural reservoir or flood-basin, it plays an important role in adjusting the flow of the Yangtze River. The Lake is sometimes known as the taker and sender of the Yangtze River and the "first water under heaven."
The Dongting Lake is also famous for historical scenic spots o­n the lakefront, including the Yueyang Pavilion, Junshan Mountain, Tomb of Du Fu, Wen Temple, and Longzhou Academy. At present, tourists can still enjoy five famous sights out of Eight Views of Xiaoxiang, namely the Autumn Moon o­n Dongting, Returned Sail from Faraway Riverside, Wile Gooses Settle o­n the Smooth Sand, Sunset Glow over Fishing Village, and Snow Curtain Hanging over the River Sky.

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Take the bus No. 2,9 at the Yueyang railway station.

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