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Introduction: IntroductionJingdezhen lies in northeastern of Jiangxi province. It acquires fame by its porcel..

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Jingdezhen Introduction

Jingdezhen lies in northeastern of Jiangxi province. It acquires fame by its porcelains and enjoys the reputation of "ceramic capital." It is listed as o­ne of the first group of historical and cultural cities in China.
Jingdezhen has a long history of 1,700 years in porcelain manufacture. It is evident that porcelain was first made in Jingdezhen during the Han Dynasty. In the first year in Jingde Reign of Song Dynasty (1004), the royal court decreed the city made porcelain wares for imperial use with the wording "Made during the Jingde Reign" printed o­n the bottom of every piece. Hence the city got its name "Jingdezhen"
From Yuan Dynasty to Ming and Qing Dynasty, emperors sent their officials to Jingdezhen to supervise the manufacture of royal porcelain. They set up the Porcelain Office and built the royal kiln, which produced many wonderful ceramic articles. Among them were those particularly famous for the four classic decorations: blue and white, famille rose, rice-pattern and color glaze. The porcelain made in Jingdezhen enjoys the praise of "as white as jade, as thin as paper, as sound as a bell, as bright as a mirror."

Jingdezhen Features

The tourism resource of Jingdezhen is rich with deep connotation, and owns the special privilege including the ceramics culture, place of culture interest and ecological environment and so o­n, particularly in advantageous condition of the ceramics resource. There has been found more than 30 ceramics historical ruins, such as the famous ancient ceramic material producing area --Kaolin, which the worldly name of the clay of producing porcelain Kaolin was named after, the ruin of Hutian ancient kiln, the ruin of the royal kilns in the Ming and Qing Dynasty and so o­n, which are, ranked in the National and Provincial Historical Relic's Protection Units, have the inference and attraction over the world. In Jingdezhen, there are many landscapes and sights, such as perfectly preserved the clusters of Ming and Qing Buildings, the houses group of the Anhui style, the ancient play stage, the ancient County Office in Fuliang which is known as the Number o­ne in the south of the Yangtze River and the second in China, the old Sanlu Temple named after the Sanlu Daifu (the senior official of Kingdom Chu)--Quyuan, the Red Tower where the first emperor in Ming Dynasty-Zhu Yuanzhang hid in a battle, the platform to face upward to the virtuous in Yaoli, the fairyland in Hongyuan, the Sun Island, the Moon Lake, the Yangfu Temple, the Lijushan Mountain, the Jade Green Lake. Jingdezhen is also the area of glory revolutionary heritage, the famous Reorganization of the New Fourth Army ever happened in Yaoli town in Fuliang, Zhongpu Town in Leping was the cradle of the Red Tenth Army. In 1997, the National Tourism Administration commended the city to be o­ne of the 35 trump sights in the 97' China tourism year.

Jingdezhen Tickets

Jingdezhen fee and opening hours
Jingdezhen pottery museum: 15yuan for the ancient kiln, 5 yuan for the museum.
Jingdezhen ancient kiln site: 6 yuan
Sanqingshan: ticket 60 yuan, ropeway: up 50 yuan, down 40 yuan

Jingdezhen Transporation

All the trains run through the Wan-Gan line stop at Jingdezhen station. Such as k558, k45/46, or you can go to Yintan fist and then transfer the bus to Jingdezhen. Besides, Wuyuan has regular bus to Jingdezhen everyday.

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