Jingyun Mountain

Jingyun Mountain

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Jingyun Mountain

Introduction: There are nine peaks in Jinyun Mountain. From north to south is the Zhaori Peak, the Censer ..

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Jingyun Mountain Introduction

There are nine peaks in Jinyun Mountain. From north to south is the Zhaori Peak, the Censer Peak, the Lion Peak, the Juyun Peak, the Yuanxiao peak, the Lotus Peak, the Pagoda Peak, the Yujian Peak and the Xizhao Peak. Among them, the Xizhao Peak is the highest, with a height of 1050 meters above the sea level. The Lion Peak is the most steep and spectacular. The rest peaks each have their own characteristics. Jinyun Mountain is a state natural reserve. It is located in the bank of the Wentang Gorge, the Jialing River in the Beibei District. The mountain in the anticline, formed in the Yanshan Movement 70,000 years ago was called “Bashan’ in ancient time. White clouds hang over the mountain. It looks like fog but not fog; it looks like smoke but not smoke. It’s a splendid scene. The morning and evening glow and cloud were a riot of color.  Ancient people said, “More red and less white is Jin”, so it was called “Jinyun Moutain’. Jinyun Mountain, the Three Small Gorges in the Jialing River and the Diaoyu City in Hechuan are all set as state tourist attractions.

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The Jinyun Temple was firstly built in Jingping Year (A.D.423) of the Southern Dynasty. After that, it has been called “ Xian gsi Temple”, “Chongsheng Temple”, “Chongjiao Temple” and been bestowed by emperors of various dynasties. The temple has been running a school since ancient times, so it was also called “Jinyun College”. There are 24 surviving Buddhist lection which were read by Songtaizong( a emperor of the Song dynasty). The basso-relievo of pig changing into dragon o­n the wall of the temple is the cultural relic of the Six Dynasties. It’s said that half-body stone status of Uranus unearthed were works of the Liang or Northern Zhou Dynasty.

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