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Beijing Liulichang

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Beijing Liulichang

Introduction: IntroductionLilichang street is located in Xuanwu District, 1 kilometer from Tiananmen Squ..

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Beijing Liulichang Introduction

Lilichang street is located in Xuanwu District, 1 kilometer from Tiananmen Square. It runs to 800 meters from south and north Liuxiang in the west to Yanshousi Street in the east. It was named Haiwang Village in the Liao and Jin dynasties. In the Yuan and Ming dynasties an official kiln was located here which produced glazed tiles for building imperial palaces. During Emperor Kangxi’s and Qianlong’s reign in the Qing Dynasty it became a well-know cultural street for selling antiques. Though the kiln was closed up in the Emperor Qianlong’s reign, it has continued to be called Liulichang, or glazed tiles factory. It is a spot of historical and cultural interest that shows traditional Chinese culture, especially in terms of painting and calligraphy.In the Qing Dynasty, most officials of the Han nationality in the capital lived outside Xuanwu Gate o­n the west of Liulichang. Also close to it were hostels for imperial examination candidates. As these people needed many books, Liulichang became the biggest book market in Beijing. When Emperor Qianlong ordered an imperial encyclopedia to be compiled, it became the place for booksellers from all over the country to set up book stalls and shops. That contributed a great deal to the growth of Liulichang as a cultural street. By 1876, or the 2ndyear of Emperor Guangxu’s reign, the number of bookstores here had reached over 270. In the early Republican Period, with nearly 200 stores and workshops producing and selling culture-related products, Liulichang became known at home and abroad as a cultural street.

Beijing Liulichang Features

Between 1980 and 1984, the state government had the old 6-li(3-kilometer) street of Liulichang renovated and expanded in an extensive way. 59 shops with simple, elegant, and distinctively Chinese designs were built, which cover a total floor space of 34,000 square meters. As a result, the street became a high-taste commercial center dealing in books, jade, porcelain, sculpture, copperware, paintings, calligraphic works, and stationery as well as a place of interest reflecting the appearance of the ancient capital. Many age-old shops o­n the street have made important contributions to preserving Chinese culture. Laixun Pavilion, which was set up in Emperor Xianfeng’s reign in the Qing Dynasty, has always been dealing in good editions of ancient books. It has donated a valuable copy ofWater Margin(a classic Chinese novel written in the Ming Dynasty; the type of this copy was set in the Ming Dynasty, and it was printed in the Qing Dynasty) to Beijing Library. And it was at this store that the earliest copy ever discovered of West Chamber (a play), now kept in the library of Beijing University, was discovered and bought.

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Liulichang fee and opening hours
Admission free
Opening hours all day

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Bus 14,15,16,25,45 to Liulichang station

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