Longqing Valley Scenic Area

Longqing Valley Scenic Area

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Longqing Valley Scenic Area

Introduction: IntroductionLongqing Valley Scenic Area is located to north of  Yanqing County,about 85 ki..

Tickets:Longqing valley fee and opening hoursAdmission¥35, Vessel: ¥40, Flowers Cave: ¥10, Shenxian..

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please protect facilities in the resort and keep the environment and do not leave rubbis..

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Longqing Valley Scenic Area Introduction

Longqing Valley Scenic Area is located to north of  Yanqing County,about 85 kilometers from the downtown. Opened in 1987, it now receives about 800,000 tourists annually. The scenic spot stretches for seven kilometers, with the water surface 30 to 50 meters in width. As o­ne of the three grand gorges in the suburbs of Beijing, it is reputed as “small Three-Gorges” and “small Li River”. There are steep cliffs o­n both sides of it, and the mouth is blocked by a dam, which is a reinforced steel double-arc dam 72 meters in height and 90 meters in length. The dam can hold 8.5 million cubic meters of water and the surface covers an area of 340,000 square meters. When the reservoir is full, the water will flow out of the spillways o­n the side holes, dive down and form the grandiose falls. o­n both ends of the dam, there is a tunnel.

Longqing Valley Scenic Area Features

Longqing Valley is 7 kilometers in length, and its altitude is 570 meters. It is a natural valley that Gucheng River passes. The concrete dam which is the biggest of the North China is 72 meters high and 90 meters long. The lift consists of 6 parts like a dragon, called the first dragon of Asia. In 5 minutes in the lift, you could arrive at the 14-kilometer-long boat sightseeing zone. It is surrounded by water with both the beauty of the south and the grandeur of the north, being called the “Little Li River North of the Great Wall”, “Little Three Gorges of China”.
Festival Activities
Longqing Valley Ice Light Exhibition
Longqing Valley Ice Light Exhibition is the biggest ice light exhibition of China. And it is also a traditional sightseeing place. Held in every January and February, it is very popular among visitors home and abroad. Now there are new attractions such as dragon ladder, boating, swimming, etc.

Longqing Valley Scenic Area Tickets

Longqing valley fee and opening hours
Admission¥35, Vessel: ¥40, Flowers Cave: ¥10, Shenxianyuan scenic zone: ¥10, Double-wine slideway: ¥20, Boat: ¥15
Opening hours 7:30-16:30

Longqing Valley Scenic Area Transporation

Special bus 8 starts every Saturday and Sunday from Qianmen and the west exit of Andingmen subway.
Bus 919 starts every 5 minutes from Deshengmen Embrasure Watchtower to Yanqing County, then take bus 920.

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